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THE HEAT COMPANY - 1# Handschuhe für Fotografen
Laura Oppelts journey from Upper Bavaria to the Kingdom of Trolls, Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, Fjords and Mountains

Laura Oppelt - photographer and adventurer

Laura Oppelt loves the challenge: the 20-year-old from Upper Bavaria has been living as an au pair with a family in Trondheim, Norway for more than a year. There she had the chance to get to know this diverse country from all sides and capture everything with her camera.


It is not surprising that photographers from all over the world come to this country. Norway inspires with its distinct seasons and the diversified nature. Due to the large north-south extension (1,700 km), the need for protection against the cold for outdoor activities and photography varies greatly, and depending on the geographical location is sometimes also necessary in summer.

Therefore, a modular glove system like our HEAT LAYER SYSTEM is perfect because it is especially flexible and you are able to combine the gloves according to your needs.

Laura Oppelt was able to extensively test the different gloves and warming pads during all seasons:

Winter in Norway

Winter in Norway is cold, long and dark - and yet full of light. From about mid-November to the end of January, the sun doesn't even rise in some parts of northern Norway. But it is exactly this special time of the year in which the Northern Lights in Tromsø almost magically illuminate the landscape.

The Norwegian winter can get bitterly cold, so the right equipment is especially important. As a photographer Laura spends many hours in the cold. With the extra warm combination MERINO LINER PRO + SHELL + POLAR HOOD she is perfectly equipped to hunt for the perfect photo without freezing.

Spring awakening in Norwegian

A few days between winter and summer - that's spring in Norway. The days get longer again and the snow cover gives way to the blossoming trees and flowers. And also in the spring months the natural spectacle of the Aurora Borealis can be admired and photographed.

But even in spring Laura packs the warm glove combination MERINO LINER PRO + SHELL in her photo bag to be on the safe side, as it can get cold while taking pictures at night. She also always has insole warmers with her on her tours, they keep her feet warm.

Sunny summer days in Norway

Long days and short nights - in summer the sun in northern Norway even forgets to set. The summer in Norway is lived outdoors and is the perfect time to explore the nature of Norway on hikes or bike tours, and thus also to fill the memory space of the camera.

But also in the summer the weather in Norway can take you by surprise. In case it gets a bit chilly during her photo tours, Laura has the MERINO TUBE for warm and protected wrists with her.

Autumn in Norway

From September onwards, the forests in Norway turn into a yellow-red colourful splendour. Especially the mountain areas show their best side in late summer and are perfect for a photo trip.

However, always be well prepared for sudden weather changes in autumn. If the rain catches Laura, she has the POLAR HOOD to be worn over the WIND PRO LINER and the SHELL always at hand. A Heat Wrap provides additional warmth.

Laura's favorites: