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Freezing Cold Winter? Not With Warm Leather Gloves!

Woman with ski goggles and leather gloves
Well equipped in winter - with our SHELL FULL LEATHER


Winter is just around the corner and brings along frosty temperatures, icy winds and bone-chilling cold. It's time to prepare for the upcoming cold season and to find the best gloves for keeping your hands warm. But how do you find gloves that are not only suitable for everyday use, but also warm enough? The answer is: warm leather gloves! When it comes to gloves, the right choice of materials is crucial. Gloves made of leather offer the perfect combination of warmth, durability and style. Leather gloves insulate well, keeping your hands extra warm. Another great advantage of natural leather over other materials such as wool or synthetics is its durability. Choose warm leather gloves and be prepared for the cold season.

Why Our Innovative Leather Gloves Are the Best Choice for Winter

Leather gloves have always been a sign of style and class. However, they often have a reputation for not being the warmest option, especially during the freezing winter months. Many traditional leather gloves are thin and not adequately insulated, making them a rather poor choice when battling the cold. But our warm leather gloves, like our DURABLE LINER PRO finger glove or our SHELL FULL LEATHER mitten glove are different. Both feature sophisticated details in combination with excellent material properties, setting new standards in terms of warmth and comfort.

Hand with thin leather glove and camera
The Polartec Wind Pro material makes the DURABLE LINER PRO particularly wind resistant.

What Makes Our Leather Gloves Like the DURABLE LINER PRO and the SHELL FULL LEATHER So Unique?


The DURABLE LINER PRO ensures that your hands stay dry and warm even in extreme conditions. The DURABLE LINER PRO is the first layer of the innovative HEAT LAYER SYSTEM. The HEAT LAYER SYSTEM is a 3-layer glove system with countless possible combinations. The glove system offers solutions for the most diverse requirements and can be individually adapted to your needs.

The back of the glove is made of high-quality Polartec® Wind Pro® fabric. This fabric is not only particularly wind-resistant, but also highly water-repellent. It is up to 4 times more wind resistant than conventional fleece and thus protects your hands from icy gusts of wind. Thanks to the tight knit construction, the DURABLE LINER PRO wicks away moisture and keeps your hands pleasantly dry. The palm of the DURABLE LINER PRO glove is made from soft sheepskin with 3M Thinsulate insulation. This combination not only provides excellent thermal insulation, but also optimal anti-slip properties. Whether you're holding ski poles or operating your camera, you'll always have a secure grip.

Three gloves in combination in the HEAT Layer System
Our innovative HEAT LAYER SYSTEM

Perfect Performance: the Versatile DURABLE LINER PRO Glove

Next to the optimal fit and high wearing comfort, the DURABLE LINER PRO glove offers many other practical features. The long knitted cuff not only warms your wrists, but also ensures a secure fit. The gloves also have touchscreen fingertips on thumbs, index and middle fingers, allowing you to operate your smartphone or other touchscreen devices without the hassle of taking off your gloves. An additional pocket on the back of the hand of the DURABLE LINER PRO glove offers space for a HEAT hand warmer. These practical warmers can be inserted in the extra pockets and provide even more warmth. Therefore, you can adjust the warmth of your gloves to the current weather conditions.

The DURABLE LINER PRO glove has not only been optimized for functionality and performance, but it also meets high standards in terms of skin compatibility and sustainability. It is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified and is therefore tested for harmful substances and suitable for safe use. In addition, the glove is bluesign® certified, which ensures sustainable production and responsible use of resources. With this leather glove as the first layer of the HEAT LAYER SYSTEM you are optimally equipped for cold winter days, because it offers warmth, protection and comfort in one. Whether you are skiing, hiking, photographing or other winter activities, this glove will accompany and protect you.

Bluesign certified - Touchscreen compatible - Extra pocket for hand warmer


The SHELL FULL LEATHER mitten is the second layer of the HEAT LAYER SYSTEM and is our warmest mitten made from 100% goatskin. This high-quality material not only offers exceptional thermal performance, but is also extremely breathable and thus offers a comfortable wearing experience. The thumb and mitten can be easily folded back, which is ideal when you need to do fine work with your hands or need free fingers for handling. You have the flexibility to use your fingers without having to take off the entire SHELL FULL LEATHER. This way you can better handle tools, cameras or other items, while still keeping your hands warm by wearing a LINER of our first layer underneath.

The strong wind and water repellent properties of the SHELL FULL LEATHER glove make it perfect for outdoor activities. It protects against icy wind and keeps your hands dry, even in adverse weather conditions. Thus, the mitten retains its insulating effect and you can rely on long-lasting warmth. The premium insulation Primaloft Gold & Grip Control in the SHELL FULL LEATHER glove is an environmentally friendly synthetic down with a recycled content of 100%. This insulation effectively keeps your hands warm without being bulky. At the same time, it is moisture-regulating and breathable to ensure a comfortable climate in the SHELL FULL LEATHER. Even when wet, the insulation retains its effect and the glove dries quickly.

Woman with sunglasses and leather gloves
Equipped with SHELL FULL LEATHER gloves

Ultimate Functionality: the SHELL FULL LEATHER

The SHELL FULL LEATHER glove is equipped with elastic catch loops for the wrist. These loops ensure a secure fit and allow the glove to be quickly taken off and put back on without the risk of losing it. An additional pocket on the back of the glove provides space for a hand warmer. The use of hand warmers in combination with the mitten provides additional warmth on particularly cold days.

The SHELL FULL LEATHER is the second layer of our HEAT LAYER SYSTEM

What Is the Difference Between the SHELL FULL LEATHER and SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO

The SHELL FULL LEATHER and SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO gloves are both part of the high quality HEAT glove collection. While the SHELL FULL LEATHER glove has a foldable thumb for added flexibility and functionality, the SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO glove has a closed thumb for maximum thermal insulation and protection from the cold. This makes the SHELL FULL LEATHER glove ideal for outdoor activities where dexterity is required, while the SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO glove is particularly well suited for expeditions and extremely cold conditions where maximum thermal performance is required. The closed thumb of the Shell Full Leather Pro glove adds even more extra warmth, while the long, fold-out cuff protects your wrists from cold and drafts. In both cases, you can count on premium quality, superior insulation and optimal comfort.

SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO with closed thumb
For particularly cold temperatures when cycling - the SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO

Take Care of Your Leather Gloves Properly: LEATHER BALM

Our HEAT Leather Balm is the ideal care for the smooth leather of the DURABLE LINER PRO and SHELL FULL LEATHER glove. With a unique blend of high-quality ingredients such as beeswax, jojoba oil and avocado oil, the Leather Balm nourishes the leather, protects it from drying out and keeps it soft and supple. Small scratches or scuffs can be significantly reduced and the gloves will stay like new longer. Leather gloves should not be dried near heat sources, but preferably in a dry and airy place.

Hand dips in leather balm with a sponge
A MUST for leather gloves: the leather balm

Leather Gloves - the Perfect Choice for Everyday Life and Sports

The DURABLE LINER PRO leather gloves and the SHELL FULL LEATHER mitten open up a wide range of application areas and offer maximum thermal performance and functionality. Here are some of the areas of use in which the leather gloves show particularly outstanding performance:

Outdoor winter activities: whether skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing or photography, the combination of DURABLE LINER PRO and SHELL FULL LEATHER mitten keeps your hands warm even in extremely cold temperatures.

Expeditions and outdoor adventures: if you spend long periods of time in the cold or undertake demanding outdoor activities such as mountaineering or trekking, the DURABLE LINER PRO glove is the perfect choice, as its long knit cuff keeps your hands extra warm.

Outdoor work: For workers in cold environments, such as construction workers, farmers or truck drivers, the DURABLE LINER PRO and SHELL FULL LEATHER glove provide excellent thermal insulation and durability. Touchscreen compatibility on the thumb, index and middle fingers also allows you to easily operate devices without removing your gloves.

Everyday winter use: Even for everyday use on cold winter days, the SHELL FULL LEATHER Gloves offer unbeatable comfort and style.

Whether running, photography or expeditions - everything is possible with our leather gloves

Indispensable Companions: the Leather Gloves Recommended By Professionals

Francesco Gola - Photographer With Passion

I am Francesco Gola, an engineer from Italy with a great passion for long exposures of coasts, cliffs and the sea. Thanks to my love for the seaside and travelling, I have had the opportunity to visit some of the most famous coastal places in the world, such as Lofoten (Norway) or the Algarve (Portugal). When I work with my camera, I particularly appreciate the DURABLE LINER PRO. The Wind Pro material on the outside and the durability of the leather make the gloves a reliable piece of equipment. As I specialise in seascape photography and often shoot sunrises and sunsets, I am often out and about in the cool morning and evening hours. The DURABLE LINER PRO keeps me warm and protects me from the cold and wind, so common in coastal areas. Photography allows me to share my passion with the world and express my own perspective of the beauty of coastal regions. Every time I press the shutter, I feel that I am capturing a piece of the peace and tranquility that the sea represents for me. It is a fascinating journey of discovery and I look forward to capturing many more unforgettable moments, supported by my trusted companion, the DURABLE LINER PRO.

Man with beard and glasses
Francesco Gola: big fan of our DURABLE LINER PRO

The Fascination of the Summits: Maximilian Gierl - Doctor, Alpinist and Photographer

I am Maximilian Gierl, a doctor from Bavaria who moved to Switzerland ten years ago. That is where I discovered my passion for alpinism and I have already climbed all of Switzerland's 4000-metre peaks. Whether summer or winter, I am always to be found in the mountains. I work as a full-time photographer and constantly look for new perspectives and angles with my camera, whether during sports activities or when photographing sports events and projects for tourism. On my ambitious tours in the mountains, I particularly appreciate the SHELL FULL LEATHER gloves. They not only provide insulation and warmth, but also the necessary robustness to withstand the challenges of the mountains. With its practical function of folding the flap of the mitten backwards, it allows me to have my fingers free for handling my camera. The SHELL FULL LEATHER glove is always my reliable companion, offering me perfect protection from cold and wind and the necessary functionality for my work with the camera in the mountains.

Man with expedition equipment at the summit
Maximilian Gierl has our SHELL FULL LEATHER with him on every tour