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Top Tip For Cold Hands: Hand warmer for up to 24 hours of warmth

Man removing hand warmers from the package
Ready for cold days with hand warmers from THE HEAT COMPANY


When the cold hits, your hands are usually the first to freeze, especially when you're out and about. The bitter cold is not only uncomfortable, but also causes your fingers to become stiff and feel uncoordinated. But no worries - we have the ultimate tip to avoid cold hands and gain back control of your fingers! No cold weather will stop you when you have hand warmers with you - whether you're skiing down the slopes, elegantly pirouetting on the ice, taking relaxing strolls through the snow-covered countryside, or even at work. When you're out in the cold, hand warmers are indispensable for both everyday life and sports adventures in winter.

Person skiing in the mountains on a sunny day
Pure joy while skiing - without cold hands

Hand Warmers - Easy To Use For Naturally Warm Hands

Our heat pads are air-activated hand warmers that contain 100% purely natural ingredients:

  • Iron powder
  • activated carbon
  • water
  • common salt
  • vermiculite

The heat pads are packed airtight. As soon as you open the packaging, the different ingredients react with the air and the hand warmers heat up by themselves within a few minutes. Depending on which hand warmers you use, the warmers provide warmth for up to 24 hours.

Hand warmers for 12+ hours of warm hands; 9 x 5 cm; fit perfectly in your gloves

Hand warmer XL for 24+ hours of warm hands; 10 x 13 cm; fits perfectly in your jacket pocket

If the warmers are not used for the full duration time , they can be placed in a ziplock bag. This stops the reaction and they can be reused at a later time.

Split the period of warmth and thus enjoy warmth even longer

Hand Warmer - Warmth For Every Challenge

If you're longing for warm fingers, you're best equipped against the cold with hand warmers. They are the perfect choice for all outdoor adventurers and winter lovers who don't want to be confined by cold temperatures. Whether you're skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activity, hand warmers will keep you warm and protected. Discover the freedom of being independent of temperatures and the elements.

hand warmer is placed in an extra pocket of the glove
All our gloves are equipped with an extra pocket, providing an ideal space for our hand warmers

Cold Hands On the Slopes: How Hand Warmers Help

Hand warmers are a great way to keep your hands warm while skiing, snowboarding, ski touring or snowshoeing. Just put the little pads in your gloves and they'll keep your hands warm for hours, no matter which winter sport you prefer on the slopes.

Glove Tip

Our WIND PRO LINER is a finger liner glove that has a built-in pocket for hand warmers. Thus, the hand warmer is placed in the glove without feeling restricted in terms of mobility. The functional design and robust workmanship of the WIND PRO LINER protects you from wind and weather. When temperatures are very low, you can wear another mitten on top of the LINER - the SHELL. This mitten also has a pocket, in which the hand warmer XL can be inserted. Combining these products provides unbeatable insulation and keeps your hands warm even in the most severe conditions.

Finger glove, hand warmer, hand warmer XL and mitten
THE HEAT COMPANY gloves and hand warmers

Strolls With Hand Warmers - Enjoy the Beauty Of the Cold Season

A winter stroll can be a magical experience, but cold hands can spoil the fun. Hand warmers offer a quick solution to keep your hands warm and thus make the walk more comfortable. Simply open the package, place the heat pad in your jacket pocket and enjoy the landscape to the fullest.

But hand warmers are not only functional, but also practical. Thanks to their compact size, they fit in any jacket or trouser pocket and can thus be taken wherever you go.

Even More Warmth

Remember to keep your feet warm as well. Because if your feet are cold, you will quickly freeze all over your body. Toe warmers or insole warmers are the best choice to make your stroll in the cold a warm and pleasant experience.

Woman holding hand warmer with snow covered mountains in background
Strolls without cold hands: with hand warmers you are well equipped for it

Warm Hands - Through the Workday With Hand Warmers

If you're tired of having cold hands at work, use hand warmers. They offer a quick and effective solution for staying warm while working in cool environments or outdoors. We have an additional tip for you that allows you to fully concentrate on your tasks.

Working Efficiently

This is where the MERINO TUBE steps in. The glove is extremely practical, because you have your fingers free and you can operate machines or use it in the office while you are writing e-mails. Made from soft merino wool, the MERINO TUBE looks smart and feels comfortable on your skin. And if you need even more warmth, just put the hand warmer in the extra pocket on the back of the glove. With this simple solution you can stay warm in cold temperatures without having to interrupt your work.

Person sits at laptop wearing fingerless gloves
So that you do not have to do without warmth even at work

Tested By Professional Photographers

We work very closely with brand ambassadors who test all our products in the most extreme conditions, including our hand warmers. Here's a sneak peek at two of our ambassadors and the reason why they always carry our hand warmers with them on their travels.

Laura Oppelt - Warm Hands When Photographing

Laura Oppelt grew up in the countryside near Munich, Germany and has always enjoyed being in nature. Over the years, her passion for landscape photography developed. After graduating from school in the summer of 2017, she set out on a journey and discovered a deep love for the wild and untouched landscapes of the North. Between 2018 and 2019, she lived and worked in Norway for 16 months. This time in particular has had the biggest impact on her photography so far. Since 2020 Laura has been studying Geography at the University in Bonn, Germany, which she is currently continuing at the University in Bergen, Norway.

"I love the challenge that landscape photography brings on. On long trips and tours, the hand warmers from THE HEAT COMPANY are indispensable. Due to the long waiting times while photographing, the hand warmers offer additional protection from the icy cold. This way I can fully concentrate on photographing Northern Lights and sunrises and sunsets without getting icy cold fingers. As an experienced landscape photographer, I know that the best shots only come from hard work and dedication."

Woman with winter clothes shows a hand warmer to the camera
Laura Oppelt swears by our hand warmers

Hand Warmers - The Favorite of Female Photographer Jeanine Holowatuik

Jeanine Holowatuik is a photographer from Saskatchewan, Canada. With her love for nature and dark skies, she pursues her mission to show the beauty of the night sky and the natural wonders of the world. She focuses on night photography and in particular, capturing the beauty of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). In 2017, she founded her website Northern Escape Photography, where she shares her passion for photographing the night sky.

"When photographing in Canada, Jeanine is often faced with the most extreme conditions such as bad weather and the cold. She uses hand warmers to still be able to operate her camera well. Only the warmth keeps her fingers flexible, so she can pursue her passion for hours. "

Woman taking pictures in winter wearing gloves
Ambassador Jeanine Holowatuik - well equipped with photography gloves from THE HEAT COMPANY