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Survival Pack Testimonial Survival Pack Testimonial
"Used successfully in mountain,- and air - rescue operations!"

Survival Pack

$8.62 Prices incl. VAT | excl. shipping costs
  • 20+ hours of warmth
  • incl. aluminium rescue blanket (gold/silver)
  • activation by opening the package
  • air activated - instant heat within minutes
  • "emergency pack" for first-aid-kits of backbags or cars
  • useable several years, if left unopened
  • size warming pad: 10x13cm
  • size rescue blanket: 220x160cm
  • contains: 1 pack
Your rescue warmer in freezing emergency situations. Weighs under 150 gramms. Successfully used by mountain rescue teams, air rescue, civil service organizations and expeditions. Around 12 hours of warmth; Weight: approx. 140g ; Package contains: 1 Bodywarmer + Rescue cover silver/gold.

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When you're feeling cold, tense or in pain, there is only one solution: HEAT! And this is what our body warmers provide. Just open the packet - stick the heat patch to your under garments and jump into your sweater – it's that simple. Air automatically activates the Body warmer in just minutes - gentle, therapeutic warmth for up to 12 hours! Made of 100% natural materials. Completely free of pollutants. Clean, lightweight and and effectively works right on the spot. Never be cold again! Come and get your body warmers from The Heat Company NOW!

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