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Toewarmers Testimonial Toewarmers Testimonial
"With temperatures going down to -35°C in Canada, toe-warmers are essential!" Athletinnen des Österreichischen Skiverbandes ÖSV


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  • 8+ hours of warmth
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • activation by opening the package
  • air activated - instant heat within minutes
  • suitable for every shoe - extra thin!
  • just stick to the bottom of your socks
  • useable several years, if left unopened
  • size: approx. 9x7cm
  • contains: 1 pair

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When the cold comes there's only one solution: HEAT! And now it's available for each and every shoe. Just open the packet - stick the ultra-thin toewarmers to the bottom of your socks - and slide on your shoe.Air automatically activates the Toe warmer in just minutes - your feet will be toasty warm for up to 6 hours! Made of 100% natural materials. Completely free of pollutants. Clean, lightweight and easy to use. Never be cold again! Come and get your toe warmers from The Heat Company NOW!

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