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The next generation HEAT 3. Thumb and index finger right and left with silver fabric for perfect use of your i-phone and all touch screens. Palm side now full goat leather for more warmth and better grip. Additional 4 oz Primaloft on the cuff for even more warmth.


This product was originally a custom-made item and is now in its third generation. HEAT 3 gloves were designed specifically for special combat forces of Germany and Austria. HEAT 3 gloves are perfect for daily life in winter, skiing, mountain climbing etc.


Snowkite Pro, used HEAT 3 on his solo snowkite crossing of Siberia's lake Baikal. One of the biggest snowkite adventures of our time. Hardy successfully covered over 1.000 km by kite and sledge wearing HEAT 3 in one of the coldest regions on earth. ( Link: Hardy on lake Baikal/Siberia).


  1. 1 silver fabric for using all touch screens
  2. 2 Palm side full goat leather for more warmth & grip
  3. 3 Additional 4 oz Primaloft for even more warmth
  4. 4 Total freedom of movement by means of the elastic mitten function
  5. 5 Thumb flap also allows for optimal warmth and movement when needed
  6. 6 Mitten finger flap allows for maximum warmth
  7. 7 Primaloft filling ensures optimal warmth
  8. 8 Extra pocket on the back side of the mitten keeps the hand warmer (keys etc.) in place.
  9. 9 Safety strap with elastic wrist band prevents the gloves from falling off


elastic Microfibre with water resistant and breathable membrane ensures the highest level of dryness.

Glove inner made of goat leather.

Primaloft filling ensures optimal warmth



Measure the circumference of your hand as shown on the picture (tape should not be too firm).

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Customer Reviews

A great pair of gloves! Review by Gast
I bought these at the recommendation of a friend while we were photographing in northern Norway. They fit like a glove (pun intended)! They are warm and toasty. It helps that the mitten folds over so that I can use my fingers to manipulate the camera. Highly recommended.
Fabulous Review by Sarah
Warm, cosy, comfortable, practical and robust. Great for my trip to Antarctica.
excellent Review by maria alberta
I've bought this product for a travel in Islanda the next october: excellent quality and extremely pratical to use for photographers.
Very quickly the shipment and very kind the Heat's staff
Excellent service with rapid delivery Review by Vivian
The gloves are yet to be tested in extreme conditions. However I am convinced they will meet all my requirements when photographing wildlife in sub-zero temperatures.

V nicholas
The best gloves I have discovered for filming in very cold environments. Review by Gast
I used these gloves for filming in temperatures down to minus 57 degrees celsius in the Canadian Arctic. It would not have been possible to operate my equipment as efficiently without them and it was so much easier than my usual system of a pair of mittens over thin liner gloves.
However, there are some areas for improvement, in my opinion, for using these gloves in such an extreme environment:
I would like more insulation in the glove, specially around the thumb
The wrist section could be longer and wider to go over bulky sleeves and provide a better seal around that area
The inner gloves should be easily detachable because I predict they will wear out before the outer mitten
There should be an enclosure to retain a heat pad in the palm area in order to warm up exposed fingers
I would rather have longer adjustable wrist leashes that could go over my clothes than the elasticated wrist bands

These issues aside I would recommend these gloves for anyone who works in cold environments and needs be able to operate equipment in a precise way.
Fantastic Review by Umberto
best product that i have used for sky!
Perfect gloves! Review by Tanya
These gloves arrived just in time for my trip to Lapland in Finland. They were perfect for night photography. They kept my hands plenty warm but still allowed me to adjust camera settings.
Excelent Review by Ferran
Hi started my experience with the Heat 3 last week in Iceland, it work so great an there are the best option for taking photos in the outdors
No regrets Review by Kenneth Tan
Used the Heat Smart 3 on photo assignment in the polar region.
4 days @-18C.
Took 5000 pictures, 4000 with the gloves on. Did not need the extra heat packs, the gloves kept me warm. Spent 2 days on the back of a snowmobile shooting pictures while moving. The internal gloves were so warm I did not feel any cold. Actually my fingers were steaming when I looked at them.
The wrist bands are a welcome addition, so you can quickly and safely remove the gloves when extra dexterity is needed. The quality of the gloves is above par. Perfect finishing of every seam. The paint on the smartphone pads wore off because of my heavy use of these two fingers during shooting, but that is of no concern to me.
The pre-sales support of the company was excellent. Quick responses to all my questions and going the extra mile for getting the gloves shipped to me in time for the assignment.
Partly thanks to your company I was able to shoot this picture with no pain.
Heat 3 smart Review by Juha
Amazing customer service, quality of the product and fast delivery 5/5.
Excellent product and service Review by Anders
Bought the Heat 3 Smart and I love them. Full of awesome details and the inner gloves are perfect for detail tinkering, using smartphone etc. You have a great feel with things and the silver thread on index and thumb works perfect.
Perfect for use down to minus 10 degrees Celsius without head pads - have not tried them with heat pads, but I suspect you can go a lot colder using the pads.

One happy customer :)
Outstanding Capability & Dexterity Review by Adrien
The functionality and capability of these gloves is unsurpassed, as a photographer who has tried many options in sub-zero temperatures these gloves are truly amazing and allow me to explore my craft even further than I've ever been able to before - absolutely recommended and well worth the investment.
Great gloves with very smart features ! Review by Gast
I recently moved to Sweden and I was looking for good gloves for photography that I could use also for outdoor activities without having to carry different separate layers. These gloves are great, I can use my camera and then fold back the upper part to keep my fingers warm. The wrist band is very useful too.
The communication about measures and technical features was very fast and helpful and the delivery service was really fast too. The only thing I would improve it's the fingertip space between the inner layer and the outside one, because they touch on top. But these are peanuts. I would definitely buy them again.
Perfectly design. Awesome for photographers Review by stephane
My package was well done and filled with love! The glove have a very good fit on hand even on mine which normally have a lot of free space at the tip of a couple of finger. I tested them on very cold -20 to -30 Celsius and they are comfortable. You can maintain a great level of dexterity, enough to manipulate small object. Wind proofing is well done, those glove can last forever with proper use. Absolutely the best glove I will ever own.
Received with thanks. Review by JOHANNA
Tank you very much for the Gloves witch I received in time for my holiday in Finland.

'HEAT 3 SMART' Sub-Zero Outdoor Review. Review by Conor
To start with, I will just put out the fact that the customer service from Heat Company is good and a nice sight to see.
Delivery was good, arrived from their stockpile to my location within 2 days accompanied with heat pads and parcel tracking.

The gloves themselves are very well put together, the zips are easy to access and the drawstrings keep a firm grip on the wrists. To test how well they performed under extreme cold conditions, I took them with me to do night photography in the Polish mountains in the dead of winter. -20ºC is the average temperature I got during that night, but my hands were mildly chilly at worst and warm at best (Without using heating pads).
The material that the inner glove fingers are made of is slightly annoying as a lot of debris and organic matter tends to stick to them if you put your hand down.

The price... I will not lie, it is a rich price. However, while I would not buy a second pair unless necessary, I cannot recommend buying a first pair anymore than I have done so far.
If you are doing extreme cold weather (Under -10ºC) sports or activities I would highly recommend these. While there are more casual, more compact and lighter alternatives for warmer weather, nothing beats these for the cold.
super warm Review by Kimberley
Great design, very warm. The smart fingers is a genius idea and works well with my iPhone!
Amazing product Review by Patrice
Bought it for a Christmas present, and delivery was quick! The product itself looks very reliable, with solid manufacturing! Highly recommended
Fantastic gloves Review by John
These gloves are fantastic. I have been hunting in Ohio with them for a few days now, Temps in the 30s. Hands only get cold when you have the your fingers exposed out of the mitten. I would like to see the ringers that use the touch screen have the whole finger tips wrapped in this way as the gloves do get twisted and can make it difficult to use devices. But that's just me being a picky bitch. Also would be nice to have the wrist pulls to be on the inside as they have a tendency to scrap along great your gun making noise. Other than those two minor things gloves are grateful buy them.
Warm and Pretty Cool Review by Beth
I just tried my new gloves outside in -39 (wind chill), and they held up well. I didn't need to use hand warmers at this temperature. Product is exactly as described. It is a great quality product. I am looking forward to wearing them some more.
Excellent gloves! Review by Ole
Became aware of these gloves through TheCameraStoreTv on YouTube. Bought them, and I love them! I use them for photography and hunting. When I need to use a device with touch features there is no problem at all. Works like a charm.
The quality is the best and The Heat Company keep everything they promise.

I received the gloves 6 days after I ordered. That is fast considering that I live on the west coast of Norway.

I've already recommended these gloves to my friends.
Fantastic Gloves Review by Martin
Purchased these gloves a few months ago after learning about them from a friend. Took only a little over a week to have them shipped to my door from overseas and I couldn't be happier with the purchase ever since I received them and put them to use.

Wearing them while out hiking for most of the day and only using the inner lining with the mitt folded back, my hands were sweating even in the cold temperatures. They were really put to the test later on while out skiing a few weeks ago and once again they performed superbly, keeping my hands nice and warm in the very cold weather.

In my opinion these gloves are worth every cent and I can't even begin to imagine ever going back to any type of other winter glove.
Perfect for photography! Review by Brice
Never had such good pair before. They keep you warm and allows to get ready to shoot easily and rapidly. Solid as you can expect from a high end product. Delivered in 48hours. Needed some info and email service get in touch on the same day. Ratio price/quality is really great. Absolutely satisfied! Recommended to many friends that were as satisfied as I am!
I have purchased and tried many through the years.They are the best pair of gloves I ever owned!!!
Excellent Gloves....Worth every single PENNY! Review by Sean
I was looking for the best gloves on the market for cold weather hunting and riding. I have found them, these gloves are the most comfortable I have ever worn and your hands stay toasty.

The gloves came exactly 11 days from the date I ordered them and probably would have been sooner if I had not made a change in the style shortly after ordering them. I will put them to the ultimate test on a upcoming Elk hunt in January, I will be heading into the mountains with complete confidence.

I will be recommending these gloves to everyone I know!
Superb quality gloves and even better customer service! Review by Shaun Tan
I'm a photographer and I knew immediately these were the gloves for me. I am based in Singapore, which is pretty far away, so i waited anxiously for the gloves, watching updates on the shipment daily. At some point the package went off the grid, as Austrian post tells me it's been forwarded overseas, but my country denies it ever reached customs. I waited one month and it still did not arrive.

During this time, Elke from the Heat Company continued to investigate with Austrian post and keep me up to date, while I checked on my end with Singapore post. After a frustrating month of uncooperative national postal service, we both agreed that my gloves were not coming.

However throughout this period, Elke was extremely helpful and responsible. In the end he and his colleague Antigona decided to re-ship the item to me via UPS at no cost. I really respect the initiative taken by them to put the customer first and ensure they get their packages. A big thumbs up to them. They even gave me some of their hand and foot warmers to try, and even included a HANDWRITTEN note apologizing for the delay. That in itself speaks volume of the company and culture and i can't thank them enough for turning around the situation into a pleasant one.

I won't hesitate to recommend them to all my friends and continue to use their products.

Thank you Heat Company & Team!

Best glove ever! Review by P. Ljungberg
I sam them in a German hunting journal. It was reviewed as "no other glove came even near regarding functionality and quality". I had to order them although they seemed costy - but I was curious. Received them quickly (I think 2 or 3 days at the most). Won't miss them anymore. I have purchased and tried many through the years.They are the best pair of gloves I ever owned!!!
Great Product Review by TBD
I am writing this review on my iphone while wearing gloves. I will not corect txypos, so you can see how well I am doing. Glove works well with the pone, flicking etc is just as easy as typing. Thumb and index finger have conductive yarn, please heat company also on middle finger, some of us use those too. Overall very happy with phone.
D. from Ontario Canada Review by ADMIN: email from Denise - Ontario/Canada
Good morning
Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how thrilled I am with your company and mitts. I placed my order on December 17th and it was received in Ontario,Canada on December 24th. My husband was home when the parcel arrived and wrapped it up and putit under the Christmas tree. Needless to say I was so excited when I unwrapped my present Christmas morning. Now heading ice fishing for New Years and can't wait to try them out! Thank you so much for the great service! D. (Name not puplished - ADMIN Manu)
Work perfectly Review by B. Leman
Work perfectly and better than i even expected, just as good on iphone as your barehands & keeps your hands warm too!
And they are really warm too! Review by Richard Edwards
These gloves are great, they work a treat, very responsive, I had doubts at first but no fear they just work.
Excellent gloves Review by John Anders
Excellent gloves that work really well on the capacitive touch-screen of my Samsung mobile.
Surprising how well they work with my iphone Review by Mr. Havering
I normally don't bother writing reviews, but this product surprised me so much, I thought it deserves a few words.
I ordered these gloves 3 days ago and they arrived this morning. But the real surprise is how good they work with my iphone. It's honestly as good as if you were using your fingers without gloves and typing is amazingly accurate. And yet your fingers are warm. When you use the thick glove, there is no need for the warming pads, because the material is so warm and yet not overly heavy or thick. I tend to forget a glove or loose them, but with the wrist band that can't happen any more. Great idea.!!
Very quick delivery, thank you Review by Robbi Harlow
Really good. Do exactly as I expected. The bit of magic at the end of my thumb lets me quickly click cancel when siri decides to call my mum when I'm asking about the weather in the mountains. Product well made, my girlfriend wishes for a white one, though.
A happy Mom says Thank You Review by Paula Dryer
The products arrived quickly and were exactly as described. Our sons were very pleased with them and will get plenty of use.
Outstanding! Review by Thijs M.
I came across these gloves while skiing in Flachau over Xmas. These gloves finally solved my cold finger problems I had for years!! Besides warmth the quality is awesome//also like the itouch function/It's a pity no one knows these gloves outside austria.
It works! Review by Paul
Perfect glove - totally satisfied!

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