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Person on racing bike holds handlebars with his leather mittens
Equipped with SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO gloves for extreme weather conditions


Riding a bike is not only environmentally friendly and good for your health, but also a practical way to get from A to B quickly. Whether as a hobby or simply as a favorite means of transport, the joy of cycling quickly dwindles in winter when you have to brave the cold temperatures and your fingers get numb from the cold after just a few minutes.

The solution to resist freezing temperatures, wind and moisture even in winter is the HEAT LAYER GLOVE SYSTEM. Tested and proven by athletes who have used the gloves in the coldest places around the world. The HEAT LAYER SYSTEM offers various gloves which will get you warm through the cold season.

Glove system with various liner gloves, mittens and over-mitten

Cycling gloves for winter - the perfect LINER makes the difference

The first layer of the HEAT LAYER SYSTEM are finger gloves, also called LINER. Worn alone, they are the perfect combination of thermal performance and finger mobility for sports and leisure in the cold season. As a base layer under one of our mittens from the second layer SHELL, they offer additional warmth in extreme conditions. All LINER have a touchscreen compatible material on the thumb, index finger and middle finger, allowing you to handle all displays without having to take off the gloves.

Defy the elements with our WIND PRO LINER

For cycling, we highly recommend the WIND PRO LINER. The Polartec Wind Pro material is four times more wind-repellent than conventional fleece. On top of that, it is also water-repellent due to the tight knit construction. Its high elasticity and optimal shape provides the best freedom of movement in all situations. The silicone print on the palm offers extra grip and ensures that you can safely operate the handlebars and brakes.

Liner finger gloves lying on bicycle handlebars
The perfect companion for bike tours when you need it to be wind and water resistant

A robust glove for cold conditions

The DURABLE LINER PRO is a highly durable model thanks to its palm made of soft sheepskin. The back of the hand is made of Polartec Wind Pro material (like our WIND PRO LINER), which makes the glove wind- and water-repellent. The long knit cuff additionally warms your wrists and provides even more wind protection.

Leather quality

We only use the highest quality leather types Full Grain Leather and Top Grain Leather for our gloves. Full or Top Grain leather makes the gloves a lot more robust. We also ensure that no animals are bred specifically to obtain the leather, but only use leather as a by-product.

Close up of a black glove
The DURABLE LINER PRO: A robust all-rounder glove made of sheepskin and Polartec Wind Pro material

Cycling gloves for the in-between season

If you want it to be warm, then go for merino wool

The MERINO LINER PRO combines the best of natural and synthetic fibres. The high content of merino wool ensures good warmth and breathability and also neutralises odours thanks to its natural properties. In combination with the spandex material, the MERINO LINER PRO adapts to the shape of your hand and offers good shape retention.

Sustainability and animal welfare

The quality of the materials we use is particularly important to us. Our merino wool origins from 100% mulesing-free farms that guarantee species-appropriate husbandry of the merino sheep according to the "Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare.

Black merino glove in winter
The combination of natural and synthetic fibres of the MERINO LINER PRO provides optimal warmth and breathability

For those who are constantly on the move

The POLARTEC LINER keeps you dry when you sweat thanks to its excellent breathability. The material is very elastic due to its 4-way stretch. Furthmore, the liner is also very resistant to abrasion and ideal for the in-between seasons in spring and autumn.

Cyclist wearing gloves while riding a bike
Perfect when you're very active - our POLARTEC LINER keeps you dry when you sweat

Liner or mitten glove? No need to choose!

For those who won't be put off by even very cold weather, the LINER can be worn under the SHELL. The second mitten layer of the HEAT LAYER SYSTEM provides further protection from cold and wet conditions. The SHELL is a very warm mitten with a fold-down mitten and thumb cap - making it ideal when you need a warm mitten but also want your fingers free. An even warmer version is the full leather version SHELL FULL LEATHER or SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO. Your hands will always stay dry and warm, even in rain and snow.

Biker with leather over mittens
For particularly cold temperatures when cycling - the SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO

Fingerless glove and mitten in one

Our HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL is a fingerless glove and mitten in one with a fold-down mitten cap. With the flap folded back, you can use the glove like a fingerless glove. Perfect if you want to protect your fingers from the cold wind, but often need your fingers. This means you don't have to take the gloves on and off whenever you need your fingers free.

Fingerless mitten - thumb and mitten flipped back
You can simply flip back the mitten and thumb flap when you want your fingers free.


The HEAT 3 SMART is a practical all-in-one solution: an extra-warm mitten with the inner liner glove already sewn in. The sewn-in LINER is the WIND PRO LINER, making this model wind- and water-repellent. The HEAT 3 models were originally created for Austrian and German Special Forces. Years of experience from these forces, as well as from our ambassadors who have tested the gloves in the coldest places of the world, have been considered when developing this model with the best possible thermal performance.

Black mitten with sewn-in inner glove
Extremely warm and breathable mitten with sewn-in inner liner glove

Warm gloves for cyclists in winter - the favourites of professionals

Michael Strasser - cyclist with huge ambition and passion

Austrian-born Michael Strasser is an exceptional athlete who has already set two world records on the bike. In 2018, Michael had THE HEAT COMPANY gloves with him on his world record attempt, the "Ice2Ice" tour. His aim was to cycle from the northernmost point of North America, Pordhoe in Alaska, to the southernmost point of South America, Ushuaia in Patagonia, in a world record time. Michael cycled remarkable 23,000 km, beating the previous world record holder. His time is outstanding: he crossed the whole of the Americas from north to south on his bicycle in only 84 days and 12 hours, covering an average of 450 km every day. Michael was exposed to changing weather and temperature conditions every day, from enormous heat and blazing sun to snow, rain and extreme cold. Shortly before reaching the finish line in Patagonia, he had to fight his way through heavy snowfall, which pushed him to his physical and mental limits. During his project he relied on the POLARTEC LINER in combination with the SHELL FULL LEATHER, which always brought him to the next stage with warm and dry hands in the cold regions.

Man rides his bike downhill in the forest
Michael Strasser - Enthusiastic sportsman and professional cyclist