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Warm Winter Gloves: How to Best Protect Your Cold Hands

 mitten close up in the sunset
Well equipped for any activity with warm winter gloves

When the temperatures drop and winter arrives, it is important to protect your hands from the cold. Warm winter gloves for different activities will help you keep your hands warm. However, finding the perfect winter gloves is a big challenge, because they need to be perfectly suited to your needs. From gloves made from merino wool to wind- and water-repellent models, we will show you how to choose the right gloves and which features the different glove models have to offer.

With the Warmest Glove Through the Winter

The MERINO LINER PRO is the best choice if you are looking for a particularly warm glove. It is characterized by the very warm and soft Merino Power Wool™, which combines the best of synthetics and natural fibres. The MERINO LINER PRO is naturally odour-resistant and highly breathable. It is made of soft merino wool on the inside and high-tech fibre on the outside. This makes this LINER unsurpassed in warmth. The high-quality merino wool comes exclusively from mulesing-free farms with guaranteed animal welfare.

Functions in detail

  • Conductive textile on thumb, index and middle fingers for touch screen control.
  • Anti - slip silicone print on palm for better grip.
  • Extra pocket on back of hand for HEAT hand warmer.
  • Super warm and elastic.
Black liner glove with a hand warmer
MERINO LINER PRO - unbeatable warmth

The Perfect All-Round Gloves for Every Winter Sport

Especially for winter sports like skiing, snowboarding or ski touring it is important to wear a wind- and water-repellent glove. The best choice for this is a LINER made of POLARTEC® WIND PRO® material. There are two models available: our DURABLE LINER PRO and our WIND PRO LINER.


  • Palm made of soft sheepskin with 3M Thinsulate insulation for optimal slip resistance and cozy warmth.
  • Back of hand made of Polartec ® Wind Pro fabric ® keeps out 4x more wind than fleece and is highly water repellent thanks to its tight knit construction.
  • Durable leather reinforcement between thumb and index finger.
  • Long knit cuff for warm wrists.


  • Anti - slip silicone print on the palm for a better grip.
  • The entire glove is made of durable Polartec® Wind Pro® fabric for wind and water resistance.
  • Extremely warm, breathable and durable.

On particularly cold days, you can insert a handwarmer into the extra pocket on the back of the hand in both the DURABLE LINER PRO and the WIND PRO LINER. Hand warmers heat up by themselves upon contact with oxygen and provide up to 12 hours of additional warmth. In addition, you can add an additional layer to both gloves in extreme conditions by wearing a mitten, the SHELL, over them.

snowboarder jumping
The perfect all-rounders are a must for your winter sports activities

Winter Gloves - Proven in Everyday Life

Gloves made of soft materials are best for everyday use in the city or when walking in the snow. The MERINO LINER PRO - our warmest LINER - with its natural benefits of merino wool, provides optimal insulation from the cold while keeping the warmth of your hands inside.


  • No scratching on your skin due to the pleasantly soft merino wool.
  • Consists of high-tech fibre on the outside
  • Anti-slip silicone print on the palm of the hand.
  • High quality merino wool from species-appropriate farming and guaranteed mulesing-free.
  • Extra pocket on back of hand for hand warmer.
couple walking through forest in snow
Through everyday life with warm hands

In Motion - Without Cold Hands

Whether for cycling, running or hiking - if you are active in winter, you need a glove that is particularly breathable and keeps the skin dry. The POLARTEC LINER is made of Polartec® Power Stretch® PRO™ material. The nylon exterior is breathable and abrasion resistant, while the soft inner layer quickly wicks moisture away from the body.


  • Highly elastic thanks to 4-way stretch.
  • Touchscreen friendly on thumb, index and middle finger
  • Extra pocket on the back of the hand for the hand warmer.
road cyclist in winter forest
Our POLARTEC LINER for the especially active people

Winter Gloves for Most Extreme Conditions

In extreme cold, it is particularly important to wear suitable winter gloves that can withstand even the most adverse conditions. Our HEAT LAYER SYSTEM was developed especially for such challenges. The glove system is composed of LINER+SHELL+HOOD. Depending on the situation, you flexibly choose the appropriate LINER and combine it with the SHELL mitten and the POLAR-HOOD over mitten.

liner gloves, mittens and over - mitten

Brave the Cold with the 1st Layer - the LINER

The 1st layer the LINER - provides 10-20% of the total thermal performance. The WIND PRO LINER has very good features for extreme weather conditions. This LINER is made of the robust material "Polartec® Wind Pro®". Thanks to the tight knit construction, the glove is particularly water-repellent and keeps out 4x more wind than conventional fleece. Thus, this LINER is the reliable companion in wind and weather.

Functions in Detail

  • Conductive textile on thumb, index and middle finger for handling touchscreens.
  • Anti-slip silicone print on the palm of the hand.
  • Extra pocket on back of hand for HEAT hand warmer.
  • Super warm and elastic.
  • Connect the WIND PRO LINER to your SHELL with the D-ring.
woman holding her hood with gloves
Protected from wind and weather - our WIND PRO LINER

The Centrepiece of the LAYER SYSTEM - the SHELL

The mitten is worn as a second layer over the LINER. The premium insulation is made of PRIMALOFT Gold & Grip Control - an eco-friendly synthetic down with recycled content of 100%. In addition, the SHELL is breathable, highly wind and water repellent and retains its insulating properties even when wet. The palm is made of soft and durable goatskin, which is also highly water repellent and yet highly breathable. The SHELL FULL LEATHER and SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO. models offer even more warmth. Both mittens are made of 100% goatskin and, like our SHELL , are also insulated with PRIMALOFT Gold & Grip Control premium insulation.

Functions in Detail

  • Fold the mitten flap back and simply slip out with the LINER
  • You can fix the mitten flap with a magnet.
  • Useful extra pocket on the back of the hand which is large enough for a HEAT hand warmer XL.
  • Loop on the side to help you take it off.
  • Fold back thumb flap and secure it with magnet.
  • Practical catch strap, so that no part gets lost. Connect LINER, SHELL and POLAR HOOD with the small carabiner.
  • Extra long waistband against cold bridge effect. 2x drawstrings for optimal fit, as well as protection against moisture and snow
Mittens form a circle in the middle
Perfectly insulated against cold - with the SHELL models

The Outermost Layer - An Additional Weather Protection

Especially in extreme weather conditions it depends on particularly good weather protection. The 3rd layer - the POLAR HOOD - offers exactly that. It consists of a strong wind- and water-repellent fabric made of 100% nylon with membrane coating and is therefore the perfect companion in rain, snow and cold. The thermal performance is created with no lining by trapping air between the POLAR HOOD and the SHELL.

Functions in Detail

  • Handy pull-out loops on the sides.
  • Palm with silicone print for better grip.
  • Small carabiner allows you to attach it to your equipment or connect it to SHELL and LINER.
  • Ergonomic 3D cut ensures a very good fit and allows a good feeling when gripping and handling.
  • Velvety soft fabric on the thumb - so you can wipe goggles and displays without leaving scratches.
close up of a pull-over mitten
Thermal performance through air retention - our POLAR HOOD

Warm Winter Gloves - Popular with Photographers

Photographers in particular highly appreciate our gloves, as they are extremely warm and yet offer maximum freedom of movement. Below we show the advantages of LINER and SHELL for photographers.


  • They have touch-screen compatible fingertips on thumb, index and middle finger - which allows to operate the camera and display without taking off the gloves.
  • They offer an insert for hand warmers - providing additional warmth when it is particularly cold and full concentration is required when taking pictures.
  • They are made of high-quality and robust materials, which is especially appreciated by photographers.
  • All LINER can be worn without the SHELL when temperatures are mild.


  • The mitten can be easily folded back using a zip on the palm of the hand and photographs can be taken with the finger glove (LINER) without having to take off the SHELL.
  • The thumb can also be folded back and fixed with a magnet.
  • It is also available as a particularly warm full leather version - SHELL FULL LEATHER.
  • In the pocket on the back of the hand you can put the hand warmer XL - or you can stow small photo equipment, such as a memory card.
person in the mountains is holding a camera with gloves and has the mittens attached to the side of the pants with a carabiner
A top glove system for photographers

The Glove System for Extreme Adventures

In the coldest places on earth, it is essential to have a glove system with you that you can rely on 100%. The HEAT LAYER SYSTEM combines functionality and thermal performance and cannot be surpassed in this respect. Extreme athletes and expedition members use the glove system in the most extreme conditions. Above all, they appreciate the variety of possibilities to put together the glove combination that is just right for the current situation according to their needs.In extreme cold it is also important to have hand warmers with you. These help to warm your hands additionally. Therefore, all our LINER and SHELL models have an extra pocket in which the HEAT hand warmer can be conveniently.

Glove tip

The combination of WIND PRO LINER, SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO, POLAR HOOD and Hand Warmer is the best choice to be prepared for any situation during expeditions. But also remember to keep your feet and body warm and use insole warmers and body warmers. Nothing should be left to chance, especially on adventures where you push yourself and your equipment to the limit.

man in the mountains in extreme cold wearing over mittens
Be equipped for your next expedition

Winter Gloves - a Must for Mark Watson on His Travels

Mark Watson is a sports, action and expedition photographer from Australia. He is one of the privileged few whose profession allows him to travel to the most remote and spectacular places around the world. In 2018, he crossed the Akshayuk Pass - a 97 km traverse in the middle of the Arctic mountains on Baffin Island with the group AIP, where he also shot the film “THE SHADOW OF THOR“ . Our gloves were the perfect companion for Mark to keep his hands warm while shooting. On his homepage https://www.inciteimages.com he shows his projects and pictures to the general public.

man takes photo in winter clothes wearing finger gloves and mitten
Action and expedition photographer - Mark Watson