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Warm Sports Gloves: How to Protect Your Hands from the Cold

 Trail athlete running uphill
Best equipped for every sport with gloves from THE HEAT COMPANY

If you do sports in cold temperatures, you need the right clothes, but you also have to pay special attention to keeping your hands warm. Your body loses a lot of heat through your fingers when it's cold, which affects your performance and sensitivity during sports. Warm sports gloves not only keep your hands nice and warm, but also offer you protection, comfort and functionality. Our gloves are particularly suitable for outdoor sports activities. Depending on the type of sport and your personal needs, you can choose your perfect glove from various models. Our finger gloves (LINER) can be worn alone during sports in cool temperatures, as they are made of warm and high-quality fabrics. They create a dry and comfortable climate during sports activities by wicking moisture away from the skin. However, in colder weather or snow, a LINER can also be worn as a liner under a mitten, serving as an additional layer of insulation.

Person on a mountain holding ski poles with finger gloves
Brave the cold with sports gloves

Running and Trail Running Without Cold Hands: POLARTEC LINER

Our POLARTEC LINER is particularly suitable for running. It is made of the innovative Polartec Power Stretch Pro® material. The nylon exterior is breathable and abrasion-resistant, while a soft polyester inner layer quickly wicks moisture away from the body. Thanks to 4-way stretch, the POLARTEC LINER is highly elastic and feels pleasantly soft against the skin. This makes the POLARTEC LINER the best choice for running.

Good to know

  • The POLARTEC LINER has conductive material on the thumb, index and middle finger, which makes it easy to operate touchscreens.
  • For particularly cold temperatures, there is even a pocket on the back of the vegan glove for a hand warmer.
  • The LINER is machine washable at 30 degrees after a sweaty run. Let the glove air dry afterwards.
Person accesses his sports watch with finger gloves
Particularly breathable - our POLARTEC LINER

Cycling - Managing Cold Days with the Robust DURABLE LINER PRO Glove

When you're on the bike, the palms of your hands are subjected to extreme physical strain. It is therefore important to choose a very durable glove model such as the DURABLE LINER PRO. The additional reinforcement between the thumb and index finger ensures that you have a particularly secure grip on the handlebars. On the palm, the LINER is made of soft sheepskin with 3M Thinsulate insulation and on the back of the hand it is made of wind- and water-repellent Polartec® Wind Pro®. This material keeps out up to 4 times more wind than conventional fleece, making it ideal for cycling.

Good to know

  • The DURABLE LINER PRO has a conductive material on the thumb, index and middle finger.
  • There is space for a hand warmer in the extra pocket on the back of the hand.
  • The LINER can be washed gently by hand with lukewarm water and then air-dried.
  • The HEAT leather balm ensures optimum care of the leather after heavy use.
Man riding bicycle on the road wearing gloves
The best handlebar grip - with our DURABLE LINER PRO

With Merino Wool Gloves and Without Cold Hands Through Mountains and Valleys

Hiking is a great activity - to enjoy nature, for your health and to forget the stress of everyday life. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for low temperatures even when hiking. For the transitional period, a fingerless glove like the MERINO TUBE can provide warm hands and wrists. It is made of very warm and soft merino wool. The Merino Power Wool™ material makes the LINER highly breathable and keeps your skin dry. If temperatures drop during the hike, the MERINO LINER PRO finger glove made from the same material is the perfect choice. This way you are perfectly equipped for your hiking tour.

Good to know

  • The MERINO TUBE and the MERINO LINER PRO have an extra pocket on the back of the hand for a hand warmer.
  • Both gloves can be washed easily at 30 degrees in the washing machine and then air dried.
Woman admires meadows and mountains wearing fingerless gloves
Enjoy hiking - with our merino gloves

Winter Sports with Warm Hands

Cold hands can spoil the fun, whatever sport you practise in icy temperatures and snow in winter. In addition to winter sportswear and the appropriate equipment, warm gloves are indispensable.

Warm Gloves for Skiing and Snowboarding

The best choice for skiing and snowboarding is the WIND PRO LINER, which is made of the robust Polartec® Wind Pro® material. Thanks to the tight knit construction, the WIND PRO LINER is water repellent and keeps out 4 times more wind than conventional fleece. The silicone print on the palm also provides a good grip on your ski poles. If you need even more warmth, simply pull the mitten - called SHELL over the LINER as a second layer. This combination offers even more warmth - this way your hands are optimally protected while skiing and snowboarding.

Things to know about our SHELL

  • Thumb and mitten can be folded back so you can easily adjust your gear without having to take the mitten off.
  • Breathable and highly wind and water resistant thanks to premium Primaloft Gold insulation & Grip Control.
  • Moisture-regulating and retaining its insulating effect even when wet - especially handy when skiing in deep snow.
  • Extra pocket for our HEAT hand warmer XL.
  • Long waistband against thermal bridges and snow.
mitten and its folding function
With warm gloves off to the slopes

Reach the Summit with Warm Hands When Ski Mountaineering

When ski touring, you are exposed to less wind, but you still need a warm and particularly breathable glove. Our warmest LINER is the MERINO LINER PRO, made of POLARTEC® POWER WOOL™. This material consists of a patented 2-component knit that combines the advantages of synthetic and natural fibres.The very warm and soft merino wool keeps your skin dry, is highly breathable and naturally odour-resistant. This LINER also has a silicone print on the palm, which gives you a very good grip. In extremely low temperatures, our SHELL can be worn over the MERINO LINER PRO. This means you are perfectly equipped for all weather conditions.

Interesting facts

  • The conductive material on the thumb, index and middle finger allows you to operate touchscreen devices without taking off your gloves.
  • All our LINERs have an extra pocket on the back of the hand to fit a hand warmer .
Woman going on a ski tour in the snowy mountains
Towards the summit - with warm sports gloves

Tested by Athletes

All our gloves are highly valued by athletes and have been put to the test. Especially when it comes to sports, you need gloves that offer maximum comfort and an optimal fit. Have a look at one of our ambassadors who uses our gloves with absolute enthusiasm.

Armin Rauthner

After studying sports management in Vienna and working in the health sports sector for many years, he decided to turn his great passions into a career. Even as a child, Armin spent a lot of time outdoors in nature, often with camera in hand.Whether uphill, downhill, on skis or on his mountain bike, the focus for him is on experiencing nature - preferably in the company of his dog. Our gloves are always with him on his adventures. They give him the necessary protection from the cold, but still offer the most ideal freedom of movement during sports and photography.

Man sitting in the snow with his dog in the mountains with his skis set up behind him in the snow
Armin Rauthner - Sports enthusiast nature lover