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Warm Protection: The Best Ski Gloves Against Cold Hands

Skier skiing down the slope on a sunny winter day
Off to the slopes with our warm ski gloves

Winter is the time when many people head for the snowy mountains to enjoy winter sports on the slopes. But in cold temperatures, skiing can quickly become uncomfortable, especially for the hands. At this point, warm ski gloves have an important influence in making winter sports more enjoyable. Ski gloves not only offer protection from the low temperatures and wetness, but robust models can also increase safety while skiing.

The HEAT LAYER SYSTEM is a flexible glove system with three layers that offers a variety of possible combinations of inner gloves (LINER), mittens (SHELL) and top-coat gloves (HOOD). With the HEAT LAYER SYSTEM you have the possibility to create your perfect ski glove according to your individual needs.

Finger gloves, mittens and over-mitten

LINER (1st Layer) for an Incomparable Skiing Experience!

Our finger gloves, called LINER, are the first layer of the HEAT LAYER SYSTEM. They are made of particularly warm and high-quality materials. LINER offer versatile wearing options: Whether as stand-alone gloves or as inner gloves for mittens - they adapt to any situation. All LINER also have an extra pocket on the back of the hand for hand warmers, in case additional warmth is needed. The WIND PRO LINER and the MERINO LINER PRO are two excellent LINERs that offer maximum protection and comfort for skiing.

Best Suited for the Slopes: Ultimate Protection with our WIND PRO LINER

The WIND PRO LINER is highly suitable for skiing. The fabric of the liner is made of robust Polartec® Wind Pro® fabric and makes the gloves your trusted companion in wind and weather. On top of that, it is also water-repellent thanks to the tight knit construction. Its high elasticity and optimal fit ensure freedom of movement so that skiers can handle their equipment without any problems. The silicone print on the palm not only provides extra grip, but is also ideal when skiing for a firm grip of your ski poles.

Functions in detail

• Keeps away 4x more wind than conventional fleece

• Anti - slip silicone print on palm

• Touchscreen compatible on thumb, index and middle fingers

• Extra pocket on back of hand for HEAT hand warmers

• Vegan glove without animal ingredients

Man wearing ski jacket, hat and gloves
The particularly wind- and water-repellent WIND PRO LINER

Comfort and Warmth Perfectly Combined: The MERINO LINER PRO Glove

The MERINO LINER PRO is a high-quality glove that offers both warmth and comfort. The fabric of the gloves is made of a patented 2-component knit, Polartec® Power Wool™. This is a special blend of merino wool and synthetic fibre that offers unique benefits. Merino wool is known for its natural ability to wick away moisture while retaining body heat. Merino wool is naturally odourless and is perfect when you sweat despite low temperatures. This liner is perfect for sporty downhill rides on the slopes.

We are particularly concerned about the animal welfare of the merino sheep, which is why we make sure that our merino wool is produced mulesing-free. In addition, we ensure that the animals are raised in a species-appropriate manner, following the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare:

• Species-appropriate feeding & fresh water

• Weather-protected accomodation with rest areas

• Veterinary care & supervision

• Sufficient space & company with other sheep

• Possibility to live out the natural behaviour

Functions in detail

• Naturally odour resistant

• Anti - slip silicone print on palm

• Touchscreen-friendly thumbs, index and middle fingers (Conductive textile on fingers allows you to easily operate your touchscreens)

• Extra pocket on back of hand for HEAT hand warmers

close up of a glove
MERINO LINER PRO - Natural warmth

Perfect Protection for Skiing: The SHELL As a Second Layer

The second layer of our HEAT LAYER SYSTEM can be worn on top of the LINER. This second layer provides warmth without having to give up the freedom of movement of a finger glove. If necessary, the mitten cap can be folded back via a zip on the palm, allowing handling with the LINER without having to take the mitten off.

The SHELL is an excellent choice for skiers as it is particularly warm thanks to its Primaloft Gold & Grip Control insulation and goatskin palm. It also has strong wind and water repellent properties, giving you optimal protection during snowfall or strong winds. These features make the SHELL a great option to keep you warm and dry while skiing.

Functions in detail

• Premium insulation PRIMALOFT Gold & Grip Control with 100% recycled content

• Elastic wrist straps

• Extra pocket for HEAT hand warmers

• Goatskin palm - soft and durable

HEAT leather balm for optimal care

Close up of mitten
Optimum protection on the slopes - thanks to our SHELL

The Ultimate Companion for Icy Conditions: SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO

Our warmest mitten, the SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO is perfect for skiing. It is clearly one of the favourites for icy conditions and snow. With the full robust leather on the entire mitten and the premium PRIMALOFT Gold insulation and Grip Control, it keeps wind and water out and yet does not restrict breathability. The extra-long fold-out cuff and closed thumb additionally prevent the penetration of moisture and snow. Whether you are on the slopes or in deep snow, this mitten offers the perfect protection and comfort for skiing.

Functions in detail

• Primaloft Gold & Grip Control insulation - environmentally friendly synthetic down with 100% recycled content

• Highly water repellent

• 100% goatskin - extremely breathable

HEAT leather balm for optimal care

• Extra pocket for HEAT hand warmers

close up of leather mitten in snow
The SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO for particularly cold temperatures while skiing

SMART and Practical: the Ideal 2-in-1 Solution for All Needs

The HEAT 3 SMART gloves have the LINER already sewn into the SHELL and are therefore ideal for all who prefer a permanent combined solution of inner glove and mitten. The thumb and mitten can be easily folded back, making them ideal for handling without having to take off the glove. This function is particularly practical when skiing, for example when you need to adjust your ski goggles, check your equipment or when you need to use your mobile phone. The palms are made of goatskin and are therefore soft and robust. All HEAT 3 SMART models have an extra pocket for HEAT hand warmers and a practical pull-out loop between the fingers.

Our HEAT 3 SMART PRO has a wind- & water-repellent inner glove made from the particularly high-quality Polartec® Wind Pro® material permanently sewn into the mitten. The inner glove also has touchscreen-friendly fingertips on the thumb, index and middle finger and a silicone print on the palm for a perfect grip. The HEAT 3 SMART PRO was originally developed for special forces in Germany and Austria. Since then, however, it has become extremely popular as a multifunctional outdoor and ski glove all over the world. With its high-quality materials and functions, the HEAT 3 SMART PRO is the ideal choice to keep your hands warm, dry and protected while skiing.

Functions in detail

• Simply fold back the thumb and mitten - ideal for handling

• Breathable mitten, highly wind- and water-repellent

• Premium insulation PRIMALOFT Gold with 100% recycled content

• Extra pocket for HEAT hand warmers

• Goatskin palm - soft and robust

HEAT leather balm for optimal care

Close-up of a mitten with permanently sewn-in inner glove
The HEAT 3 SMART PRO combo model with integrated LINER

3rd Layer: POLAR HOOD for Extreme Conditions

The POLAR HOOD overcoat mitt is an ideal companion for skiing in extreme weather conditions and can be worn as the outermost layer over all our HEAT LAYER SYSTEM glove models. It provides extra protection against wind and moisture to keep hands warm and dry while skiing. The pull-over mitten glove is lightweight and can be easily stowed in your backpack, as it can be rolled up so it's small without taking up a lot of space.

The extra warmth comes from the air trapped between the POLAR HOOD and the glove worn underneath, without the need for extra lining. Thanks to its ergonomic 3D cut, it has a very good fit and allows a good feeling when gripping the ski poles. There is a silicone print on the palm of the overglove for optimum slip resistance.

Functions in detail

• Perfect companion for additional weather protection

• Strongly wind and water repellent

• Thin and lightweight

• Palm with silicone print for better grip

• Practical pull-out loops

• Can be combined with all our glove models

Man with pull-over mitten holding a ski pole
Additional protection from wind and cold - The POLAR HOOD

Roman Huber - Outdoor Photographer and Passionate Skier

Roman Huber is a professional photographer and filmmaker from Tyrol and knows the beauty of nature in his homeland like no other. Whether hiking or skiing, he spends much of his free time outdoors and is inspired by the impressive landscape. His camera is always by his side to capture those special moments - whether it's a breathtaking sunrise on a mountain peak or a spectacular descent through fresh winter snow.

For Roman, there is nothing better than hitting the slopes and enjoying the experience and freedom of skiing. For his winter adventures, Roman relies on the HEAT 3 SMART PRO glove for optimal protection and functionality. Thanks to the glove's excellent thermal insulation, Roman can fully concentrate on his skiing experience without having to worry about cold hands.

Man skiing
Roman Huber passionate skier