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Warm and Protected: The Perfect Snowboard Gloves Against Cold Hands

Woman in snow-covered mountains holding her snowboard in front of her
Off to the slopes - with snowboard gloves from THE HEAT COMPANY

When the first snow covers the slopes in the mountains, the most beautiful time of the year begins for snowboarders. To enjoy this riding experience with warm hands, it is essential to wear gloves. Snowboard gloves are best for this as they provide warmth and protection in a variety of weather conditions. Other important criteria when choosing snowboard gloves are breathability, grip and freedom of movement. Whether on the slopes, in the backcountry or in the pipe park, the right snowboard gloves are an important part of the equipment. We are having a look at our innovative glove system - the HEAT LAYER SYSTEM and demonstrate why these gloves are particularly suitable for snowboarders.

Jumping snowboarder
Snowboarding adventure - gloves for every challenge

Combination with System - the HEAT LAYER SYSTEM for Snowboarders

The HEAT LAYER SYSTEM is a flexible glove system consisting of an inner glove (LINER), mitten (SHELL) and over-mitten (HOOD). Due to the variety of different combination options, you have the possibility to individually put together the snowboard glove for your needs.

Close up of finger glove, mitten and over glove

The Basis of Snowboard Gloves - the LINER

The finger gloves, also called LINER, are the basis of the HEAT LAYER SYSTEMS and provide 10-20% of the total heat output. They can be worn as stand-alone gloves or in combination with our mitten, the SHELL. All of our LINER have a touchscreen-ready material on the thumb, index and middle fingers, allowing you to operate your smartphone or other tech devices without taking off your liners. For that extra kick of warmth, there's even space for a hand warmer heat pad in the extra pocket on the back of the hand. Since your hands are permanently exposed to wind, cold and wet snow while snowboarding, snowboard gloves must necessarily be wind- and water-repellent. We offer two different models.

A Snowboard Glove Popular in the Backcountry - the WIND PRO LINER

Made of the robust material - Polartec® Wind Pro® - the WIND PRO LINER is particularly wind- and water-repellent and thus perfectly suitable as a snowboard glove. In addition, the LINER has a high elasticity and an optimal fit, which provide freedom of movement. In addition, the WIND PRO LINER is breathable and durable. On the palm, the silicone print ensures slip resistance, giving you a good grip on your board during the most diverse stunts.

Close up of finger glove
Slip resistance due to the silicone print - our WIND PRO LINER

Pipe Glove for Snowboarders in Perfection - the DURABLE LINER PRO

The DURABLE LINER PRO demonstrates its robustness in the halfpipe as a breathable and durable snowboard glove. Thanks to the intelligent combination of Polartec® Wind Pro® on the back of the hand and sheepskin on the palm, it becomes an optimal companion for countless adventures in the pipes.The soft sheepskin with 3M Thinsulate insulation provides the best grip. The reinforcement between the thumb and index finger makes this LINER extremely durable and provides maximum grip.

Close up of finger glove
Optimal reinforcement between thumb and index finger

LINER at a glance

  • The binding can be operated without having to take off the liners.
  • The palms of the hands are often used in snowboarding, especially by beginners, so leather reinforcement like the DURABLE LINER PRO is particularly useful.
  • Breathable, so that the hands do not get sweaty.
  • Water-repellent outer material to keep your hands dry all day long.
  • Extra pocket on the back of the hand for hand warmers or your lift pass.
Snowboarder riding down the mountain
Warm snowboard fun even off the slopes

Warmth Meets Functionality - the SHELL as a Second Layer

The SHELL, our mitten, is the centrepiece of the HEAT LAYER SYSTEMS and can be worn on colder days either as a second layer over the LINER or as a stand-alone glove. The incredibly warm mitten is breathable and highly wind and water resistant. The insulation made of Primaloft Gold & Grip Control material warms without being bulky. It is particularly worth mentioning that the SHELL does not lose its insulating effect even when wet. This is beneficial for snowboarders especially when riding in deep snow. Since you can fold back the mitten flap of the SHELL, as well as the thumb, and fix them with magnets, the SHELL never has to be taken off when you need to tighten the binding in between. If you need even more warmth, you can put our HEAT hand warmers in the extra pocket on the back of the hand of the SHELL.

The SHELL mitten is also available in two leather versions SHELL FULL LEATHER and SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO. Both leather models are lined with Primaloft Gold & Grip Control material and have an outer skin made of highly breathable and durable goatskin. The leather version SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO is one of the warmest and most water-repellent snowboard mittens of the HEAT LAYER SYSTEMS. Due to the closed thumb and the long waistband, the SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO provides even more warmth.

Person places an air activated hand warmer in a compartment of the glove
An extra pocket for HEAT hand warmers

At a glance

  • Perfectly suited as a freeride glove, as the SHELL has an extra long waistband against thermal bridges and 2x drawstring for optimal fit and against wetness and snow.
  • Practical catch straps so that no part is lost during rapid descents.
  • Side loop as a pull-out aid, should you need only the LINER in between.
  • Extra pocket on the back of the hand for a hand warmer or, for example, a lift card.
Person holds snowboard next to him
The optimal freeride glove - our SHELL

The Premium 2 in 1 Solution - the HEAT 3 SMART PRO Snowboard Glove

With this snowboard glove, the inner glove comes sewn-in to the mitten and therefore, this glove ideally suited for snowboarders who prefer a 2 in 1 solution. The fabric of the LINER is made of Polartec® Wind Pro® material and thanks to the tight knit construction it is water repellent and keeps out 4 times more wind than conventional fleece. Like our SHELL, the mitten flap and thumb can be folded back and fixed with a magnet. Due to the soft and robust goatskin palm on the mitten you have an optimal grip. Thanks to the insulation made of PRIMALOFT® Gold material, an environmentally friendly synthetic down, the HEAT 3 SMART PRO withstands the most adverse conditions while snowboarding.

At a glance

  • Extra long waistband against thermal bridges and 2x drawstring for optimal fit and against wetness and snow.
  • Practical catch straps so that no part is lost during rapid descents.
  • Side loop as a pull-out aid, should you need only the LINER in between.
  • Extra pocket on the back of the hand for a hand warmer or, for example, a lift pass.
Person wears mitten with sewn-in finger glove underneath
The optimal 2 in 1 solution for snowboarders - our HEAT 3 SMART PRO

When it Matters - the POLAR HOOD

The 3rd and outermost layer of our LAYER SYSTEMS is the POLAR HOOD overcoat mitten. This lightweight over mitten provides additional weather protection while snowboarding by trapping air between the layers. Due to the highly wind- and water-repellent fabric with membrane coating, the POLAR HOOD is nearly indestructible. In addition, the pull over mitten has a silicone print on the palm for better grip. This means you can even get a good grip on the haul bar on the drag lift without slipping. The POLAR HOOD can be combined with all our glove models and is therefore ideal for snowboarding in icy cold conditions.

At a glance

  • The ergonomic 3D cut ensures a good fit and a good feeling of grip and handling when snowboarding.
  • With the small carabiner, the POLAR HOOD can be attached to the equipment.
  • Thanks to the soft, velvety thumb fabric, snowboard goggles or displays can be cleaned without leaving scratches.
Close up of a black pull-over mitten glove
Can be combined with all our gloves - our POLAR HOOD

Snowboard Gloves Tested by Professional Athletes

Above all, we want our gloves to meet the needs and wants of our customers. That's why we are proud to work with passionate brand ambassadors who put our gloves to the test. Let us introduce you to one of them.

Hardy Brandstötter - "More Than Just a Snowman"

Hardy Brandstötter was born in 1977 in Salzburg and grew up in the beautiful Salzkammergut, Austria. Already as a teenager, he hardly missed out on any extreme sport.Hardy graduated from the Austrian Federal Sports Academy and is also considered a snow kite and speed flying pioneer. In 2008, he was the first person to master Lake Baikal in Siberia with a snowkite. In 2020, his expedition "CONNECTED" was supposed to start in Mongolia, which is about accomplishing something that seems impossible - 580km through icy deserts and mountains with his snowkite and speedflyer. Due to Covid, the project has not been able to go ahead. 2023 is supposed to be the year he brings "CONNECTED" back on track.

„Gloves from THE HEAT COMPANY accompany me on all my adventures. This makes me perfectly equipped for any weather situation“

Man with snowboard on his back climbing up a mountain
Hardy Brandstötter - flying high and still with both feet on the ground