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Thermal Gloves: the Ultimate Solution Against Cold Hands

Woman in the snowy mountains wearing mittens
Thermal gloves for every challenge

Thermal gloves are an indispensable companion in cold temperatures. It is crucial to keep your hands warm and protected to feel comfortable despite the cold outdoors and to avoid frostbite in extreme temperatures. Thermal gloves are specially designed to retain body heat while insulating against cold, wind and moisture. Not only do they need to provide warmth, but also comfort and freedom of movement.

Another important aspect is the fit - which is crucial to ensure the best possible thermal protection and sufficient mobility of the fingers at the same time. The material also plays an important role, as it needs to be both thermally insulating and breathable.When looking for the right thermal glove, it is essential to know which functions the glove must fulfil and which material it should be made of. By combining suitable materials and practical functions, thermal gloves not only provide warmth, but also the best possible protection.

Close up of mitten with folded flap and thumb
Equipped for any temperatures with thermal gloves from THE HEAT COMPANY

Defy the Cold with Thermal Gloves Made of High-Tech Material

Gloves made of modern synthetic fibre are comfortable, lightweight and thus perfectly suitable as thermal gloves. Our WIND PRO LINER and DURABLE LINER PRO models are made of the particularly robust and warm premium POLARTEC® WIND PRO® material, which offers the advantage of being water-repellent due to the tight knit construction and keeps out 4 times more wind than conventional fleece.

WIND PRO LINER: This finger glove is the reliable companion in wind and weather. It is extremely warm, breathable and durable. In addition, the WIND PRO LINER has a handy silicone print on the palm.

Close up of finger glove with certificates shown
The warm, wind- and water-repellent WIND PRO LINER

DURABLE LINER PRO: This model cleverly combines two materials. On the back of the hand, the glove is made of POLARTEC® WIND PRO® fabric, whereas the soft sheepskin with 3M Thinsulate insulation on the palm provides additional warmth and perfect anti-slip properties.

Close up of finger glove with certificates shown

We want to highlight the two certificates that our POLARTEC® WIND PRO® material has received - Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and bluesign®.

Oeko-Tex® Standard 100: An international certificate for textiles that are free of substances harmful to health and the environment.

bluesign®: Is a sustainability standard for the production of textiles, which particularly guarantees aspects of sustainable fabric production.

Both glove models offer the best possible protection if you prefer thermal gloves made of high-quality functional material.

Warm Hands Thanks to an Ideal Combination of Natural and Synthetic Fibre

Made of Merino wool, the MERINO LINER PRO combines the best of natural fibre and synthetics thanks to its patented 2-component knit and is thus a perfect thermal glove. The finger glove, also called - LINER, is made of POLARTEC® POWER WOOL™ material and provides maximum warmth and comfort. In addition, merino wool has outstanding insulation properties and the hands are therefore optimally protected from the cold.Another important feature is that merino wool is naturally antibacterial and extremely breathable. Our MERINO LINER PRO guarantees the highest quality and sustainability, because the merino wool used for it is produced exclusively under species-appropriate animal husbandry and is guaranteed mulesing-free.With thermal gloves made of merino wool, you will benefit from the many positive properties of the natural fibre and you will be optimally protected against cold hands.

Woman in the mountains wearing finger gloves
Extra warm - our MERINO LINER PRO

Thermal Mittens: the Ultimate Solution Against Cold Hands

On particularly cold days, you need gloves that keep your hands optimally warm. The best choice are thermal mittens, which offer the best of warmth, comfort and dexterity thanks to their materials and functions.

Equipped Against Cold Hands -Thermo Gloves From Microfiber

Thermal mittens made of microfibre are incredibly warm and also highly wind- and water-repellent. The mitten - also called SHELL - can be worn either individually or in combination over a finger glove (LINER) of your choice. The Primaloft Gold & Grip Control insulation, an environmentally friendly synthetic down with 100% recycled content, retains its insulating effect even when wet. Furthermore, the SHELL is moisture-regulating, breathable and warms without being bulky. The palm is made of pleasantly soft and durable goatskin, which is highly breathable by nature. For more freedom of movement, the mitten flap and thumb can be conveniently folded over and fixed with a magnet.

Woman wears finger gloves and mitten over it
Freedom of movement by folding back the mitten flap and thumb - our SHELL

The SHELL is also available as an even warmer full leather version SHELL FULL LEATHER and SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO. Like our SHELL, both full leather models are insulated with Primaloft Gold & Grip Control and the outside is made of 100% goatskin. They differ in that the thumb of the SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO cannot be folded back and that it has an extra-long fold-out cuff for even more warmth.

Woman kneels next to her dog, hugging him while wearing mittens
The extra warm thermal mitten - the SHELL

Free Fingers - Warm Thermal Gloves Made of Softshell

If you don't want to give up the warming properties of a thermal glove, but don't want to be limited in terms of dexterity, go for fingerless mittens. The HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL thermal glove is a fingerless glove and mitten in one. It is insulated with warm 3M Thinsulate insulation to protect you from the cold. It is also wind and water resistant and perfect for the transitional season. The goatskin palm and the extra-long knitted cuff for warm wrists also ensure optimum warmth. The HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL is ideal for handling by simply folding the thumb and mitten back and fixing them with a magnet.

Man searching his backpack wearing fingerless mittens
Finger free - with our HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL thermal glove

Stefano Poma:

"When photographing in the mountains, you often have to sit behind the tripod for a long time waiting for the light conditions to be right. Those long moments, with the sole goal of getting the best shot possible, are one of the many reasons I love landscape photography.In the winter, however, cold and wind can spoil those moments. That's why I like to use thermal gloves from THE HEAT COMPANY, like the WIND PRO LINER and the HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL. They provide me with the best possible protection to keep my hands warm while photographing. On my website https://stefanopoma.it i share my shots with the public."

Man taking pictures and wearing finger gloves
Satisfied customer and passionate photographer - Stefano Poma

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