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Ski Touring Gloves: Reach Your Destination with Warm Hands

person in the snowy mountains with backpack and ski poles
Be a climber

Cold temperatures require perfect equipment. This is crucial in order to feel comfortable in sub-zero temperatures. This is particularly important when it comes to your hands, as they are very sensitive to the cold in low temperatures. It is important to choose gloves that are warm and water-repellent, but at the same time offer enough freedom of movement to be able to use the ski equipment without restrictions.

Man with ski equipment ski mountaineering in the snowy mountains
The perfect equipment is essential in cold temperatures

Our innovative glove system, the HEAT LAYER SYSTEM, is perfect to defy winter temperatures and mountain winds. You can choose from up to 79 different combinations, which offers great flexibility. This means you can select the glove that suits you best and adapt it to your individual needs.

glove system with different liner gloves, mittens and over-mitten

The three different layers of the glove system can be taken on or off depending on the weather and your needs, which means that you can optimally regulate your body temperature on ski tours. This way you are also well prepared for sudden changes in weather or warmer temperatures. In this section we show you some of the glove models you can choose for your next skimo season.

First Layer: LINER - the Right Ski Mountaineering Glove Makes All the Difference

The first layer of the HEAT LAYER SYSTEM consists of our finger gloves, called LINER. They provide a perfect base and can also be worn alone on warmer days. As base layer gloves underneath, for example, the SHELL mitten (second layer), LINER provide additional warmth.

The fingertips on the thumb, index and middle fingers of all our LINERs are equipped with a touchscreen-compatible material. This means you can operate your smartphone or other devices without taking off your gloves. The extra pocket on the back of the hand of the LINER is also handy in icy cold and snow, where the HEAT hand warmer can be inserted if needed.

The Combination of Merino Wool and Modern High-Tech Fibre - the MERINO LINER PRO

Our MERINO LINER PRO is particularly warm and is our warmest LINER thanks to its special POLARTEC® Power Wool™ material.The fabric is made of patented 2-component knit and combines the best of synthetics and natural fibres:

• Comfortable soft merino wool on your skin (no scratching)

• High-tech fibre on the outside

The soft merino wool from species-appropriate animal husbandry not only keeps you warm, but is also highly breathable and odour-inhibiting. Thanks to the silicone print on the palm of the MERINO LINER PRO, you always have a good grip on objects such as your mobile phone or ski poles.

close up of glove with printed flame
Cosy warmth with our MERINO LINER PRO

Animal Welfare is Our First Priority

Animal welfare and species appropriate animal husbandry are very important to us in the production of the particularly warm and breathable merino wool. We therefore source our merino wool from 100% mulesing-free farms, which ensure the species-appropriate husbandry of the merino sheep with the "Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare".

DURABLE LINER PRO - Robustness When You Need It

The DURABLE LINER PRO is our all-round model. The soft sheepskin with 3M Thinsulate insulation on the palm ensures excellent slip resistance and breathability. The POLARTEC® Wind Pro® material used on the back of the hand ensures that the glove is particularly wind- and water-repellent. Even in a sudden rain shower or light snowfall you are protected from the cold and your hands stay warm.

The combination of leather and POLARTEC® Wind Pro® material makes the DURABLE LINER PRO an ideal glove for challenging ski tours. The DURABLE LINER PRO not only offers great thermal performance, but is also particularly durable.

close up of a finger glove in snow
The all-rounder among gloves

The Leather Quality Makes the Difference

For the production of our gloves, we pay special attention to the quality and finish of the leather we use. We work with extremely high-quality leathers such as full grain leather and top grain leather. These leathers are more robust than conventional leathers.

WIND PRO LINER - the Best Choice for Cold Wind

The POLARTEC® Wind Pro® material used in the WIND PRO LINER is up to four times more wind-repellent than conventional fleece. An important factor in outdoor activities when you are exposed to wind and weather.

The silicone print on the palm of the WIND PRO LINER ensures a secure grip. Along with the LINER's excellent thermal performance, this is an excellent choice for demanding outdoor activities such as ski mountaineering. This model also features touchscreen-compatible material on the thumb, middle finger and index finger, allowing you to operate your mobile phone or other touchscreen devices without restriction.

Person with ski jacket pulls climbing skin from his touring ski
The extremely wind- and water-repellent WIND PRO LINER

Second Layer: SHELL Mitten - The Centrepiece of the LAYER SYSTEM

The SHELL (second layer) is the centrepiece of the LAYER SYSTEM. It is worn as a very warm mitten on top of the LINER. The SHELL is very warm and has strong wind and water repellent properties as well as high breathability because of its Primaloft Gold & Grip Control insulation and the goatskin palm.

The centrepiece of the HEAT LAYER SYSTEM - the SHELL

Thanks to the zipper and Velcro you can easily fold back the thumb as well as the mitten flap and fix it comfortably with the magnet. This way, you can simply slip your fingers out without removing the SHELL. Your fingers stay cosy and warm thanks to the LINER finger glove.

The SHELL is also available as a leather model in two styles: SHELL FULL LEATHER and SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO.

SHELL FULL LEATHER & SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO: Full Warmth Thanks to 100% Goatskin

One of our warmest mittens of the SHELL series is the full leather glove SHELL FULL LEATHER. Thanks to the goat leather used and the Primaloft Gold & Grip Control insulation, the SHELL FULL LEATHER is very wind and water repellent and also top breathable.

Worn in combination with the MERINO LINER PRO, this is one of our warmest glove combination and very popular with our partners when ski touring on cold and windy days.

The thumb and mitten flaps of our SHELL FULL LEATHER can also be folded back and fixed with a magnet. This way you can make any adjustments to your bindings or skis without having to take off the gloves.

The special features of the SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO are the closed thumb and an extra-long, fold-out cuff, which provides even more warmth.

Leather mitten in close up
SHELL FULL LEATHER PRO: Maximum warmth for special adventures

The Functional Features of the SHELL at a Glance

wrist loops & practical carabiner: connect the separate layers with the included carabiner using the wrist loops so that no part is lost during your ski tour.

Extra long cuff: extra protection against thermal bridges.

Extra pocket on the back of the hand: Not only our HEAT hand warmer can find its place there but also other small items that you need to have quickly at hand.

Cleverly integrated magnets: on the mitten and on the thumb so that you can easily fold them back and fix both.

Clever details of the SHELL mitten
SHELL gloves and handwarmers by THE HEAT COMPANY

The Right Care is Decisive - with HEAT Leather Balm

We have developed our HEAT Leather Balm with all-natural ingredients for the optimal care of leather gloves. With the balm made from jojoba oil and beeswax, the impregnation against moisture is renewed and the colour of the glove is refreshed in a natural way. In addition, the HEAT Leather Balm protects the leather from drying out so that it remains soft and supple for a long time.

leather balm and sponge for application
The HEAT leather balm nourishes and protects your gloves

Third Layer for Extreme Conditions: POLAR HOOD - the Extra Layer Against Wetness

The POLAR HOOD outer glove is the third layer of our HEAT LAYER SYSTEM. It is a very light and thin mitten, which was designed as additional weather protection. You can use it over all of our glove models in extreme conditions. There is a silicone print on the palm of the hand for a perfect anti-slip grip.

If the POLAR HOOD is no longer needed during your tour, you can simply roll it up and attach it to your backpack with the carabiner. Weighing only approx. 200g, our POLAR HOOD is a real lightweight and takes up hardly any space in your backpack.

Close up of an over - mitten glove
The POLAR HOOD can be worn over all gloves in case of sudden weather changes such as rain or snow.

Pretty SMART: The 2-in-1 Ski Mountaineering Glove HEAT 3 SMART PRO

If you are looking for a practical 2-in-1 solution for your skimo season, the HEAT 3 SMART PRO model is the one to choose. It is a fixed sewn combination of mitten and inner glove (LINER). The inner glove is made of wind- and water-repellent POLARTEC® Wind Pro® fabric, which in combination with the mitten with PRIMALOFT insulation keeps you particularly warm and is therefore ideal for ski touring on cold days.

In addition, the HEAT 3 SMART PRO) glove offers the following practical features:

• Touchscreen-compatible material: on the index finger, middle finger and thumb of the sewn-in LINER.

• Silicone print on the palm of the LINER: This gives you the security of always having a good grip on your ski poles or other equipment such as an avalanche transceiver or probe in an emergency.

• Long cuff: Extra protection against thermal bridges

• Cleverly integrated magnets: on the mitten and on the thumb, so you can easily fold them back and fix them in place.

• Extra pocket on the back of the hand: This is not only the designated space for our HEAT hand warmer, but also for other small items that you want to keep close at hand.

mitten with sewn-in finger glove
The HEAT 3 SMART PRO combination model with integrated LINER

Fingerless Glove and Mitten Combined - the HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL

Our HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL is a fingerless glove and mitten in one. With this model, you can fold back both the thumb flap and the finger flap and fix them in place using the integrated magnets. Perfect for sudden weather changes on your ski tour.

In addition, you will find an extra pocket for the HEAT hand warmer, which is located on the inside of the mitten.

Fingerless glove with mitten flap to fold back
The multi-talent HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL

Extra Warmth Thanks to the HEAT Hand Warmers

Our HEAT hand warmers are made of 100 % natural ingredients and activate themselves after opening the packaging on contact with oxygen. Perfectly combined ingredients such as activated charcoal, iron powder, salt, water and vermiculite ensure that the hand warmers provide pleasant warmth for up to 12 hours. With a size of only 9 x 5 cm, they fit perfectly in your gloves and provide additional warmth on your ski tour if needed.

Person puts a hand warmer in a glove
Feel the extra kick of warmth

Useful Tips for Ski Touring

Plan your tour: Before you set off into the terrain, it is very important to plan your tour. Pay particular attention to weather and avalanche reports.

In calm there is strength: When ski touring, make sure that you have sufficient strength and don't overdo it. Start with easier routes and gradually increase your level.

On the move together: It is best to start ski mountaineering with people who are experienced with ski-touring. Go with a group - this way you will be safer and learn from the pros.

The right equipment: This includes not only the HEAT LAYER SYSTEM gloves, but it is also absolutely necessary to drink enough and pack a small snack when going on a challenging ski tour. Besides all the basic equipment such as ski helmet, ski goggles, touring skis, ski poles and warm clothing, this is sometimes forgotten.

Warm Gloves for the Ascent - Tried and Tested by Professionals

Maximilian Gierl - Alpinist and Photographer with Passion

Maximilian Gierl grew up in Bavaria, Germany, and moved to Switzerland after having successfully completed his medical studies. In the Swiss Alps, he pursues his great passion of alpinism and captures the most beautiful moments with his camera as a professional photographer and videographer. A project close to Maximilian's heart was the mission "21 in 21", in which he wanted to climb his remaining 21 "4000m" mountains in Switzerland in 2021. The "21 in 21" project was a complete success and was made into a film which can be found on Maximilian's platforms. Important companions on all his ski tours are the HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL on sunnier days and the SHELL FULL LEATHER in combination with the MERINO LINER PRO on colder days.

Man in the mountains wearing winter gear and smiling at camera
Maximilian Gierl - Passionate alpinist and photographer

The Berghasen Susi and Vroni - Two Sports Scientists and Their Passion for Mountain Sports

The two Berghasen Susi from Salzburg (Austria) and Vroni from Bavaria (Germany) met while studying sports science in Salzburg. During their studies, the two decided to launch a magazine that combines both mountain sports and sports science topics. Since then, Susi and Vroni have been inspiring people with their stories about their skiing and climbing tours on their website and social platforms. You will find all topics related to mountain sports, but also valuable tips on how to prepare yourself physically well for tours. Always with them on their ski tours: the SHELL glove models in combination with the WIND PRO LINER and the HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL.

Woman in the mountains climbing with skis on her back
Susi from the Berghasen is perfectly equipped for every ski tour with gloves from THE HEAT COMPANY.

Susi and Vroni's favorites: