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No More Cold Feet! How to Get Warm Through the Winter with Toe and Insole Warmers

woman in winter landscape wears gloves and takes insole warmers out from the package
Best equipped for cold days with insole warmers from THE HEAT COMPANY


When the days get shorter and the temperatures start to drop, winter is approaching and brings on a well-known problem: cold feet. Whether doing winter sports, going for a walk or working outdoors - cold feet can quickly become uncomfortable and reduce the pleasure of outdoor activities. Fortunately, there is a simple and efficient solution: toe warmers and insole warmers offer an effective means against cold feet, thus bringing more joy to your winter activities.

Man with goggles around the neck takes toe warmers out from the package
Use toe warmers during your activities

Our toe warmers as well as the adhesive insole warmers are attached to the bottom of the socks and insole warmers are inserted into the shoes like inlay soles. They are easy to use and guarantee long-lasting warmth. In addition, you can easily take them with you wherever you go.

The warmers are made of 100% natural ingredients such as activated carbon, iron powder, common salt, water and vermiculite. Using our heat pads is really easy, as the warmers automatically activate within minutes upon contact with oxygen.

Foot warmers / Toe Warmers for Comfortably Warm Feet

The toe warmers are perfect for people who spend a lot of time outdoors, as well as for sports activities. They are thin and flexible and fit into all shoes. The warmers are simply attached to the bottom of the socks in the toe area and provide pleasantly warm feet for up to 8 hours.

We recommend to put the warmers in your jacket pocket for a few minutes after opening the package, so that they warm up faster. Then simply remove the protective film and stick them to bottom of your socks in the area of the toes. Now quickly slip into your shoes and let the winter adventure begin - with warm feet ready for any challenge!

Sitting person in winter sticks toe warmer on his sock
Equipped for any adventure with the right application

Insole Warmers: Warm Insoles for All Shoes

The insole warmers are not only suitable for outdoor sports activities or people who work a lot outdoors, but also for everyday use. Thanks to their thin and flexible design, the insole warmers are ideal for everyday use. They can be easily worn in any shoe and provide comfortable warmth throughout the day.

Simply remove the insoles from their packaging and place them in your shoe with the soft textile side facing up and the smooth side facing down. After just a few minutes, you'll feel the cozy warmth.

Person sits on a sled and puts an insole warmer into the shoe
Comfortably warm feet for many hours

Adhesive Insole Warmers - Extra Thin Warming Soles for Sports & Leisure

Our adhesive insole warmers are the perfect solution for anyone who likes to be active and doesn't want to suffer from cold feet. With their adhesive surface, they can be attached securely and firmly to the socks, as opposed to our non-adhesive insoles. Whether skiing, hiking or in everyday life, with the adhesive insole warmers your feet will stay pleasantly warm and you can fully concentrate on your activities.

The adhesive insole warmers are ready to use in no time: just open the package, remove the protective film from the adhesive side, stick the warmer to the bottom of your socks and slip into your shoes with the heat pads on your soles.

Person pulls a protective film from an insole warmer with adhesive surface
Best equipped for every adventure with adhesive insole warmers

Winter sports Without Cold Feet

Icy cold, a cutting wind and feet that feel like they're made of stone - an unpleasant experience for any winter lover. But no need to worry, our toe warmers and insole warmers are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to be active even when it's cold outside: whether it's fast-paced skiing, the adrenaline rush when snowboarding or relaxed snowshoeing. The specially designed warmers provide soothing warmth even in icy temperatures and thus ensure a pleasant winter experience.

Experience winter sports without cold feet with toe and insole warmers from THE HEAT COMPANY

Comfortable Warm Feet in Everyday Life and Work

The toe warmers and insole warmers are true multi-talents and are not only suitable for winter sports. They are also your ideal companion for everyday life and outdoor work. Whether on long walks or on photo tours, our warmers will keep your feet warm and make exploring the great outdoors even more fun. Even those who work outdoors all day can brave the cold with our products and get back to work with fun and energy.

Keep your feet warm in everyday life with our true all-rounders

Advantages of Warmers for Feet

• Very easy to use. Just open the package and insert them into your shoes or stick them on your socks. No batteries or power sources are required.

• Environmentally friendly and safe. The ingredients are 100% natural and can be disposed of in normal household waste after use.

• The warmers are very thin and suitable for any shoe. You will barely notice them and they do not disturb when walking or running.

• Small and lightweight, so you can always take them with you, ready for use at any time.

More Tips Against the Cold

Besides using warmers there are other tips for braving the cold. Here are some of them:

Wear appropriate clothing
It is especially important to dress warmly. Thick socks and waterproof shoes are a must to avoid cold feet. Also remember to keep your hands warm. Finger gloves - also called LINER - are best for this.

Keep moving
Exercise stimulates blood flow and distributes body heat better. Therefore, it is important to move regularly, especially during outdoor activities.

Pay attention to a sufficient diet
Eating a balanced diet with enough calories and nutrients is important to support the body in low temperatures.

Have warm drinks
A hot cup of tea or cocoa can do wonders to warm the body from the inside out.

Creativity Knows No Cold: Roberto Moiola Relies on Warm Insoles in the Beautiful Nature of Norway

Roberto Moiola is a truly gifted photographer whose passion for nature and photography takes him to the most beautiful corners of the world. But Roberto also knows the challenges that the cold can pose during his mountain hikes. That's why he uses our insole warmers, which help him stay in one place for hours without freezing. This allows him to fully concentrate on photography without the cold disturbing his activity.

Man with winter clothes in the mountains puts an insole warmer in his winter shoe
Roberto Moiola - pursue the passion of photography without giving up warm feet

Toe Warmers - Indispensable For the Berghasen

The two Berghasen (which means "mountain hares" in German) Susi from Salzburg (Austria) and Vroni from Bavaria (Germany) met while studying sports science in Salzburg. While still studying, the two decided to launch a magazine that combines both mountain sports and sports science topics. Since then, Susi and Vroni have been inspiring people with their articles about their skiing and climbing tours on their website and social platforms.

„When temperatures drop and icy winds blow along the summits, we turn to our secret weapon against the cold - toe warmers. The toe warmers save us from cold feet that can quickly ruin the fun in the mountains. During our winter tours, we often face harsh weather conditions and frosty cold. But with the toe warmers our feet always remain mobile and warm.“

Two women in the mountains wearing winter clothes and smiling at the camera
"Berghasen" Susi and Vroni swear by toe warmers from THE HEAT COMPANY