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Fingerless Gloves: Protection Against the Cold for Outdoor Activities and Home Office Despite Free Fingers

Man operates drone with fingerless gloves
Thermal protection and unrestricted freedom for your fingers do not have to contradict each other

When the temperatures drop in autumn it is importantto protect our hands from the cold. Fingerless gloves prove to be the ideal solution, as they not only keep our hands warm, but also offer a high degree of flexibility and allow free fingers for handling. In this story we would like to discuss the advantages of fingerless gloves and introduce you to our two models, the HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL and the MERINO TUBE. Find out why fingerless gloves are not only perfect for outdoor activities, but also for everyday use!

Fingerless gloves offer excellent protection against the cold for the transitional period without restricting the freedom to move your fingers. The fingerless cut of the gloves keeps the sensitive palms of the hands protected from the cold, while leaving the fingertips free and available for fine motor tasks such as operating a smartphone or opening zippers at the same time. Whether walking, hiking or cycling, fingerless gloves keep your hands pleasantly warm and allow precise handling.

The finger-free HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL with folded-back fingerflap
Finger-free glove and mitten at the same time - the HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL

Fingerless Gloves and Wrist Warmers Made of Merino Wool: MERINO TUBE

The MERINO TUBE is particularly suitable for the transitional period in autumn and spring. Equipped with an extra-long waistband for warm wrists, it keeps your hands warm, despite free fingers. An ideal model for milder temperatures, for office work in cool interiors or on colder days simply as a base layer under a mitten like our SHELL. The MERINO TUBE is made from Merino Power Wool™, which combines the best properties of synthetic materials and merino wool. We pay special attention to the quality of the wool, which comes exclusively from species-appropriate animal husbandry and complies with the 5 freedoms of animal welfare. For those who want to enjoy extra warmth, the MERINO TUBE is equipped with an additional pocket on the back of the hand, which offers ideal space for our hand warmers.

Woman wears the MERINO TUBE wrist warmer while working in the home office
The MERINO TUBE as an ideal model in the home office

Fingerless Gloves and Mittens In One: HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL

The HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL is also a finger-free model, but with fold-down finger and thumb caps. This combines the freedom of fingers thanks to the Thinsulate insulation with additional thermal performance. If you need your fingers to operate your cell phone or other devices, the caps can simply be folded down and attached with a magnet. The softshell material ensures that the HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL is wind and water repellent and the goatskin palm provides additional grip. Likewise, the HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL is equipped with an extra pocket for hand warmers.

Photographer at work with the HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL
Photographer Dennis Stebner with our HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL

Fingerless Gloves - The Ideal Companions for Outdoor Activities

For outdoor enthusiasts, fingerless gloves are an indispensable companion. When climbing, camping, photographing or fishing, they offer protection from the cold, while at the same time allowing free fingers for a secure grip on equipment. Due to the open design, the hands have better ventilation and can dry quickly if necessary, which is especially advantageous during sweaty activities.

Versatile Gloves in Everyday Life: Warm Wrist Sleeves and Pulse Warmers

Fingerless gloves are not only suitable for outdoor activities, but also extremely practical in everyday life. Whether you're shopping, riding your bike or you're simply out for a walk, these gloves provide warmth for your palms while keeping your fingers ready for action. They are perfect for situations where precise handling is required, such as typing on a smartphone or gripping keys in your pocket.

Picture of the MERINO TUBE gloves on a snow-covered tree.
Soft merino wool and high-tech fibre: The MERINO TUBE

Practical for Sports: Fingerless Gloves for Men and Women

Fingerless gloves are also extremely handy during sports. Whether you're running or cycling, these gloves offer protection from the cold, while having free fingers for a good grip and freedom of movement. You can easily hold the handlebars of a bike without having to give up the warming properties of gloves.

Gloves Without Fingertips As Protection Against Injuries

In addition to protecting against the cold, fingerless gloves can also prevent injuries. When climbing or bouldering, they protect the palms from friction and blisters.

Perfect Gloves for the Transition Period

In the transitional seasons, when temperatures are not yet extremely cold, fingerless gloves are an ideal choice. They offer enough warmth to protect the hands and wrists from the cool wind, while the fingers remain free for handling. Hence, they are a practical companion both in autumn and spring.

Man operates camera with HEAT 2 SOFTSHELL gloves
Perfect for photography in the transitional season

Fingerless Gloves are the Optimal Allrounders for Men and Women

Fingerless gloves offer versatile protection against cold and injuries, for both, outdoor activities and in everyday life. With their flexibility and ability to move your fingers freely, they are the perfect choice for those who value functionality and comfort. Choose a pair of fingerless glovesthat suits your needs and enjoy the benefits of these versatile gloves in everyday life, sports or home office.