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9 Feb 2022
Everything fine and perfect as always!

As always , very satisfied with the product! Helps me keep my "ice legs" warm every day!

9 Jan 2022
Always pleasure to deal with you

Never a problem,, I have always experienced good service and prompt delivery of your products I always reccomend you to my friends and my medical practitioner,The foot warmers prevent me getting cold feet in the winter,I do suffer from poor circulation in my feet.. I spend as much time as I can out of doors.. Walking the hills and water sports regardless of my advanced age, I will be eighty five next birthday

17 Dec 2019
A must for all-day skiers with cold feet problems.

I and my daughters have been using these feetwarmers for several years, they work well through the whole cold skiing day.

16 Dec 2019
Comfortable and well warming.

Well warming and comfortable in shoes.

22 Nov 2019
Excellent product and service

I always use these toewarmers in my ski boots. They are very effective and stay warm all day. I ski in Austria for my winter holidays and also in indoor ski facilities in England throughout the year. I have recommended them to friends who also suffer with cold toes. The delivery service is extremely prompt as well.

27 Mar 2018
Excellent product - makes skiing in really cold weather possible

These toe warmers makes the difference between skiing and staying inside when the temperature has dropped below -20°C.
You don´t really feel the heat, just no cold and they last for a full day too.
Give your kids a pair of toe warmers and the whole family can feel the benefits!
Delivery time was a couple of days - from Germany to Sweden with DHL - very good!

4 Mar 2018
Genious Invention

Such a great product that is all natural, effective and long lasting!

24 Feb 2018
Goog item.Fast delivery

Very good item.Keeps my feet warm many days on the year.Fast delivery. Thanks.

22 Feb 2018
Very good

Emma, my daugther use them when she plays fotball and the temperature is below 10 degres Celcius and she is very pleased. Thumbs up

1 Feb 2018
nice and warm

They are easy to use and keep me warm

1 Feb 2018
Very good


30 Jan 2018
Keep my feet warm

Used my feet warmera cooled day skiing. It was warm and nice all day long.

26 Jan 2018

Everything ok.

25 Jan 2018
Great product at great store

Great Toe Heaters, could not live without them when going skiing. Shopping experience was fantastic. Easy checkout, fast delivery and good service. Thanks

25 Jan 2018
Those are great during could days in the slope!

Those are great during could days in the slope!

5 Jan 2018


3 Jan 2018
5 stars

Great product!!

2 Jan 2018
Genius Invention!

These foot warmers are effective, environmentally friendly and slim enough to wear comfortably. Have tried several other brands and these so far are my favourite.

4 Dec 2017


27 Nov 2017
Helfen sogar bei extremster Kälte.

War damit in Oimjakon, dem kältesten Ort der Welt, bei minus 57 Grad Celsius. Kann diese Wärmepads wärmstens empfehlen!

13 Nov 2017
Great product Great service

Hello you lovely people..Thank you for the prompt delivery of Toe warmers I
need these as the circulation to my feet is not as it should be, and during cold weather I have difficulty in keeping my feet warm ..Your toe warmers provide the perfect solution,I spend a lot of my time out of doors walking,gardening, sailing,and generally enjoying outdoor life.I would certainly pass on a recommendation to anyone who has the same problem keeping their feet warm . best wishes and continued success..David Franks

20 Sep 2017
A good solution for cold feet

My moteher always has very cold feet. I bought this product and now she is enchanted. Highly recommended.

23 May 2017
Very good product!

I am a fan since years now and these products follow me all arround the year as I am travelling and when I ride my motorbike. I would not be able to live without. Delivering and packing always satisfying from Heat Company, thanks!

20 Apr 2017

Always get these fir my 93 year old dad. He loves them

31 Mar 2017
Very Good item for my feet.

Very good product for my cold feet in the winder and autum and spring.

20 Mar 2017

fast delivery

14 Mar 2017
Nice and warm toes!

Just like the insole warmer after 8 hours still warm. Warm toes in the snow after 6 hours.

9 Mar 2017

Keeps my feet warm on cold days.

2 Mar 2017
excellent for keeping the feet warm, also helps my arthritis pains

Work very well for keeping the feet warm, it also helps with keeping my arthritis pain in the feet at a reasonable level

24 Feb 2017
Instant warm

I have a wife that freeze even in hell - this product is the best solution we have ever experienced. It help her being out in the snow, skiing with the rest of the family. :)

14 Feb 2017
very good

I have bought it for my kids, they love it, and since then they do not complain when they are skiing.
Very good result.

13 Feb 2017
Great product preventing cold feet during winter cycling

I always HAD cold feet (toes) during my winter cycling tours. On my race bike or on my cross bike no matter the socks and overshoes always cold feet.

With the feet, toe warmers this uncomfortable situation is history. They generate warmth whitin a minute and last for hours. Cycling during the winter is enjoying but now even more

10 Feb 2017

It works perfect.
On my roadbike, around 0 Celcius, my feet are warm for 5 hours !

4 Feb 2017


4 Feb 2017

As advertised: Nice level of warmth, lasts many hours

4 Feb 2017
Nice and Warm

Good product good price. Delivery as promised

3 Feb 2017
Just what I have always needed

No longer cold feet. Excellent. Have recommended them to several friends. Ideal for the kids too.

27 Jan 2017
Great product Does everything I hoped for

Hi... Your Toe warmer product does every thing I expected ..I have poor circulation to my feet . I am an outdoor person and always need to be outside walking and gardening all year round .. When the weather is cold the toe warmers keep my feet comfortable and prevent me suffering from chilblanes a most painful
condition that affects people with my circulation problem..I have used your toe warmers for three winters now and they have been a success.. The ordering process has been first class and very prompt delivery I will be ordering again in the latter part of the year for next winter.. many thanks.

22 Jan 2017
good product and delivery

very good product, price ok, fast delivery....thanks a lot, my feet are warm. Rob from Holland

15 Jan 2017
Warm feet cicling

I use footwarmers on cold days and pedaling comfortable for 3 hours. I recommend windstopper neoprene covers for keep temperature.

14 Jan 2017

Excelent product, love it.

6 Jan 2017
A very good product.

very warm and nice at my mtb shoes

23 Dec 2016

very good to keep you warm. stays warm for 8 hours and fits perfectly under the socks. was delivered on time also.

12 Dec 2016
Geniues heating!

These keep my kids warm on their feet during soccer training outside in the wintertime!

8 Dec 2016


6 Dec 2016
It works

nice warm in my snow shoes, I used it over 6 hours and the insert was still warm
Great seller

5 Dec 2016
Use while skiing - good solution

I use them for more then 6 years. I put them under my toes and I not above. The only problem I see is to provide enough air to toewarmer to work at full power in ski boots. But anyway they help me to stay warm also if the temperature is below -10 deg.

4 Dec 2016
the best

I am really grateful to " The Heat company" to having had the opportunity of buying such a useful article, i.e. "Toewarmers" to protect my feet against the freezing cold. Using them my feet are warm again and I don't feel any cold while being outside walking, cycling or playing. really a great product. And this year with 8+ even better. Congratulation. Have a success in the future and happy New Year.
Your customer, Radojka Varl

26 Nov 2016
Misleading heat times

A good idea but I find I have 5 that do not heat up as hot as the others when used in the same climate and using the same shoes. Which is a bit of a rip off considering the high price!!! One can only think your quality control measures need better control and no way do they stay warm for the prescribed 8 hours stated, I get 4 and a half hours only.

6 Nov 2016
I am very satisfied with the product - TÅVARMER

i am very satisfied with the product - TÅVARMER. I use them at work, walking in the forest and when I go skiing.

5 Nov 2016
Excellent product

I get these for my 92 year old Dad. He finds them brilliant and as he says once your feet are warm the rest of your body is also

27 Oct 2016

Dear The Heat Company,
I really love your toewarmers.
I am working in the meat factory
and it's very cold there,I couldn't get my feet warm,but with your toewarmers my feet stays warm nearly 8 hours,it amazing!!!I have tried so many of different socks and insoles,but still my feet was cold.
I gave a few toewarmers to try to my friends in the factory and they love them too,they gonna order them too!!

Best regards,
Svitlana Kurinna

25 Oct 2016
very useful product. Efficient delivery

A very useful product for outdoors in an Irish winter. Keeps warm for many hours. On line ordering and delivery is very efficiebnt

13 Aug 2016
My dad a happy man

Hi all. My dad is 92. Started buying toe warmers a couple of years ago from the Heat Company. As an older gent he finds them brilliant . I'm in Ireland and couldn't find anything to compare with these. Service is fantastic . Honestly they are nearly delivered as soon as you order.

13 Aug 2016

5 stars product

3 Jul 2016
Dangerous Blisters

I used warmers within the safety rules, but still got blisters on my toes. They hurt a lot, and I could not walk for days.
I think it is a dangerous product, and you should not use it.
The company will not compensate the injuries.

16 May 2016
very happy 92 year old Dad.

Dad, suffers from cold feet a lot. These are so ideal for him. He loves them. The service is outstanding, quick and reliable.
Have had no problems. They are ideal for Dad, keep his feet nice and warm.

28 Mar 2016

The third part of the Trilogy ;-)

26 Mar 2016
Great product


13 Mar 2016
Don't last 8 hours!!

A good idea. However they DO NOT last 8 hours! I have used these ten times now.

They do keep your toes warm but only for 5 hrs tops. They start off really warm for the first two hours of use then start to cool down rather quickly after two hours.

By 5 hours I'd say they only generate around 15% of the heat from when you initially stick them to your socks. Hope this helps!

10 Mar 2016
Nice warm toes..........

Have tried a few makes and these work well and are competitively priced but you have to keep them dry else they die. Common sense I guess, but worth knowing.

3 Mar 2016

Left me snug as a bug

29 Feb 2016
Great product with quick delivery!

Excellent product to use for children in ski boats!

29 Jan 2016
Excellent product and service.

I have been using toewarmers from the Heat Company for a number of consecutive years. It is the only solution I have found to painfully cold feet whilst cycling. I have tried other similar products of other brands but I can definitely say that the toe warmers of the Heat Compnay are the most effective. So are the hand warmers very effective. Service is also efficient. The order takes 2 days at the most to be delivered across Europe. Keep up the good service.

28 Jan 2016
A brilliant product, gives a constant comfortable warmth for 8hrs. They saved me from skiing misery.

I sent for these toe warmers at the last minute before a week's skiing holiday in Austria. They arrived promptly the day before I travelled. I had been experiencing frozen toes in my new Salomon ski boots (professionally fitted and seemingly comfortable) after just an hour or so of skiing at a Snowdome. Previously with hired boots I had never experienced such cold toes, which was quite ironic. On arrival at the Austrian resort the same thing happened. The next day I gave the warmers a try. I was worried that they would make the boots too tight and compromise the fit, but they didn't. I found they helped enormously. I put them on my socks at about 8.45 a.m. and they were still warm when I removed them at about 4.45 p.m. They give a steady warmth and saved my holiday from being a misery. I shall be visiting the boot fitters again to report on my frozen toes and hope they can remedy the situation. I can warmly recommend them!

25 Jan 2016
good product


21 Jan 2016
Roasty Toasty

Keep my toes lovely and warm

24 Dec 2015
Life would be miserable without them! My feet are very, very appreciative of the comfort they wring.

Congratulations on an excellent product and speedy service to match.

13 Dec 2015
Very good. Need to use them while feet still warm.

I have been using these for about 4 years. You need to use them while your feet are still warm, as I find they are not powerful enough to thoroughly warm very cold feet. Having said that, they have transformed my life. I am in a wheelchair, and suffer a lot from cold feet. Cold feet = misery; warm feet = happiness.

8 Jan 2015

I am a greek christian orthodox priest. I suffer from multiple sclerosis 23 years now. My feet were always cold and i could hardly walk. I bought the toewarmers and i feel great. I can walk much better and my feet are now warm. Thank you all, God bless you

8 Jan 2013
Now 5 Stars

I originally thought, this product isn't too good, because I felt that the heat from the pad did not last very long (2hours), however, after writing to the Heat Company they explained the procedure again. I may just have been unlucky or have placed the item incorrectly as I am now into my 6 hour of lovely toasty toes with my second attempt and following the steps precisely. Therefore it now gets 5 stars and a big thank you from my feet!

8 Jan 2013
Arrived very promptly, good price....

Arrived very promptly, good price. Do exactly what is required, keep feet warn on cold golfing mornings. Fit into golf shoes easily (yes, we do play golf in the winter here in Kent) and not noticeable when walking. Recommended purchase.

9 Apr 2012

I use these in my cycling shoes and they keep my feet so warm I don't mind cycling in the cold!! I don't cycle for 6 hours so I put them together, wrap tightly in clingfilm and use them the next time I'm out. They work brilliantly. :-))

6 Nov 2011
I bought the "Heat3". All perfect, article as described, fast delivery and a good comunication. I`ll..

I bought the "Heat3". All perfect, article as described, fast delivery and a good comunication. I`ll come back for shure!!

6 Nov 2011
Perfect Seller! 3rd product I've purchased and will be coming back for more! Happy New Year!!!

Perfect Seller! 3rd product I've purchased and will be coming back for more! Happy New Year!!!

6 Nov 2011
As described - everything ok+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

As described - everything ok+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

6 Nov 2011
As described - everything ok+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

As described - everything ok+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

6 Nov 2011
perfect seller! As described - smooth purchase- 100%ok...thank you!

perfect seller! As described - smooth purchase- 100%ok...thank you!

6 Nov 2011
Great service, cool aaahhh WARM product and quickdelivery! A+++

Great service, cool aaahhh WARM product and quickdelivery! A+++

6 Nov 2011


6 Nov 2011
Perfect seller! Great comms, very helpful - an excellent service - 10 out of 10

Perfect seller! Great comms, very helpful - an excellent service - 10 out of 10

6 Nov 2011
Quick del, no hassle. Highly recommended. Thanks x

Quick del, no hassle. Highly recommended. Thanks x

6 Nov 2011
Great! As described - smooth purchase- 10/10...thank you!

Great! As described - smooth purchase- 10/10...thank you!

6 Nov 2011
Love em! Can now tolerate walking the dog during a cold autumn day!

Love em! Can now tolerate walking the dog during a cold autumn day!

6 Nov 2011
Keeps my feet warm for at least 5-6 hours..............

Keeps my feet warm for at least 5-6 hours..............

6 Nov 2011
Excellent product delivered extremely quickly and well packaged!! Many thanks from Ireland to Austri..

Excellent product delivered extremely quickly and well packaged!! Many thanks from Ireland to Austria

6 Nov 2011
I used these on a skiing trip (Zillertal). I could tell they made a big difference in my comfort lev..

I used these on a skiing trip (Zillertal). I could tell they made a big difference in my comfort level while on the slopes.Temperature was in the 40s. They kept my feet reasonably warm.

6 Nov 2011
I have been experiencing the Raynaud's phenomenon and my fingers have always been extremely cold to ..

I have been experiencing the Raynaud's phenomenon and my fingers have always been extremely cold to the point where I am unable to grasp or even take coins from by purse. I have spent a lot of money over the years, on some good quality gloves; some fleece lined but none has solved my problems. I searched on-line, found the Heat Company GmbH on the internet, and purchased their Heat 2 Outdoor PROFI. It is the best purchase I have made. This is their fingerless gloves with a flap over the fingers. As well as keeping my fingers warm, I can still use my hands without the restrictions that come with regular gloves. I also purchased their hand warmers, which warms up when exposed to oxygen and gives additional warmth. The fabric used is described as Wind Block Processed Fleece. This is exactly so as it stopped the wind getting to my fingers when worn.

I appreciated these gloves more in the recent severe windy and extremely cold weather in London. I did not suffer from cold fingers as I have done in the past my. My fingers and hands were well and truly protected from the cold by my Heat 2 Outdoor PROFI. I can easily say the purchase of these gloves and hand warmers from The Heat Company GmbH is the best purchase I have ever made since I started suffering from the Raynaud's syndrome.

I recommend these gloves if you like me is suffering from the Raynaud's phenomenon or extremely cold fingers and hands.

In addition, the service I received from The Heat Company is exceptional their delivery time was speedy and first rate and Herwig Holzer was very helpful with my enquiries.

I will rate The Heat Company 10 out of 10 for speedy and helpful service and best product.

6 Nov 2011
Perfect Products!!! Thanks for the fast delivery! Gordon from birmingham

Perfect Products!!! Thanks for the fast delivery! Gordon from birmingham

6 Nov 2011
Great service, great product and fast delivery! A+++ Seller. Thanks!

Great service, great product and fast delivery! A+++ Seller. Thanks!

6 Nov 2011
***** 5 stars! ____________________________________________________________- ______

***** 5 stars! ____________________________________________________________-

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