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Heated Gloves with Warmers:
Warmth Without Batteries

Happy couple on a sled
Well equipped for cold days with our heated gloves

In the frosty winter months, we are always on the lookout for ways to protect ourselves from the freezing temperatures, especially when it comes to our hands. Conventional gloves often don't offer enough warmth to actually withstand great cold, wind and weather. But there is an innovative solution: our heated gloves with warmers. Unlike battery-powered models, they're a simple and practical alternative to keep your hands warm and cosy without having to think about recharging. In this story, we will have a closer look at our heated gloves and the many benefits they bring.

Woman shows hand warmer package to camera
Thanks to our warmers your hands will stay warm in all weather conditions

HEAT LAYER SYSTEM - Combine Your Perfect Heated Glove from Over 79 Options!

Our HEAT LAYER SYSTEM offers a versatile glove system with customisable layers to meet a wide range of needs. The system consists of three layers:

LINER: Lightweight finger gloves that can be worn alone or under the SHELL. They are touchscreen friendly and available in a wide range of models for different temperatures. All our LINER have an extra pocket for warmes.

SHELL: Extra warm mitten worn as a second layer over the LINER. If needed, you can zip the mitten flap back to use your fingers without having to take the mitten off. There is also a full leather version for extra cold conditions. For additional warmth, all our SHELLgloves have an extra pocket for our handwarmer XLfor up to 24 hours of warmth.

HOOD: Outer layer for extreme conditions. The thin and lightweight mitten overcoat offers additional protection against wind and moisture and can be combined with all other glove models.

As a practical all-in-one solution, we offer the HEAT 3 SMART and HEAT 3 SMART PRO,models, where the LINER and the mitten are already sewn together. The POLAR HOOD mitten cover can also be used as the outer layer.

The HEAT 2 Modell is a fingerless glove where the mitten flap can be pulled over the fingers if required. It is suitable for the transitional period and light sub-zero temperatures and can be combined with the POLARTEC LINER and the POLAR HOOD.

The HEAT LAYER SYSTEM offers a flexible and practical solution for different weather conditions to ensure that you always have the right glove combination for optimum comfort and protection, depending on your needs.

Hand Warmers: The Little Helpers Against Ice-Cold Fingers

Discover the perfect solution to keep your hands warm even in the coldest moments - our handwarmers and handwarmers XL! hese handy warmers provide your hands with hours of warmth in a 100% natural way. The hand warmers have a handy size and therefore fit perfectly into our gloves. They're also soft and light, so you'll hardly notice they're there while they offer soothing warmth. Another advantage of these warmers is the long shelf life. The unopened packaging can be stored for several months, so you can always take them with you and have them ready to use when needed.

The warmers are made of purely natural ingredients: After the warmers have cooled down completely, they can be disposed of in the normal waste. Whether you're going for a winter walk, skiing or to a stadium event, the handwarmers are ready to use, extra soft and lightweight. They provide long-lasting warmth and comfort in any situation.

Dog leashed by woman wearing gloves
Our glove combinations offer the best solution for every area of use

Why Are Heated Gloves with Warming Pads Better?

Heated gloves ith warmers are definetely the better choice compared to traditional gloves when it comes to keeping your hands warm in extremely cold conditions. Here are some convincing reasons why heated gloves with warmers are the best choice:

1. Maximum thermal insulation: heated gloves provide effective thermal insulation that allows you to keep your hands warm even in extremely cold environments. The material and design of the gloves are specially designed to keep the produced heat inside while protecting it from external cold influences.

2. Adaptable warmth: Another advantage of heated gloves with Wärmepads s the possibility to adjust the heat intensity as needed. You can combine the gloves of the HEAT LAYER SYSTEMas you like and decide individually if and when you need additional warmth by using warming pads. This provides the greatest possible flexibility and prevents overheating or discomfort on warmer days.

3. Improved mobility of the fingers: the warmth generated by the heat pads inside the glove keep your fingers mobile at all times. The hands stay pleasantly warm and stiff fingers are prevented. This means you can operate your equipment at any time, even in the coldest places, and your mobility is not restricted.

4. Versatile possibilities: Heated gloves with warmers re extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. Whether skiing, hiking, motorcycling, fishing or other winter adventures, our heated gloves provide the comfort and warmth needed to fully enjoy these activities. They allow you to focus on what's important without being distracted by cold or frostbite.

Person sitting on a boat and looking towards a mountain
Our heated gloves are ideal for versatile applications

How to Use Hand Warmers

The handwarmers sare easy to use. Open the package, take out the heat pads and place them inside your gloves. Our gloves are specially designed to be used with our HEAT hand warmers. Each of our gloves has a handy extra pocket on the back of the hand, perfectly sized to fit the hand warmers. Within a few minutes, the hand warmers activate and heat up by themselves in the air. Once activated, the hand warmers will keep your hands pleasantly warm for many hours.


    If you put the hand warmers together in your jacket pocket for a few minutes before putting them in your gloves, they warm up even faster!
Hand warmer is placed in the pocket of the glove
The extra pocket on the back of the hand is for our hand warmers

Difference Between Handwarmer - Handwarmer XL

Our handwarmer and handwarmer XL are the perfect companions to keep your hands warm even in freezing temperatures. Both heat pads have 100% natural ingredients and heat up by themselves in the air without requiring additional energy sources. The handwarmer has a size of only 9 x 5 cm and therefore fits perfectly into all our gloves. It provides cosy warmth for up to 12 hours. The soft and light material is pleasant on the skin and due to the small size of the handwarmer it does not interfere with your tactility even in the glove. If you are outdoors for a long time, the handwarmer XL is the right choice for you. With a size of 10 x 13 cm, it fits perfectly into our SHELL loves and provides up to 24 hours of lasting warmth for your hands. The handwarmer XL is also made of pleasantly soft material. Both the handwarmer and the handwarmer XL have a shelf life of several months if unopened.

Close-up of a mitten in the snow
No restrictions in mobility despite the mittens
Man opens hand warmer package
Equipped with heated gloves for extreme weather conditions

Never Freeze Again with Heated Gloves

Our gloves, which can be heated with warming pads are indispensable companions in the cold season. Whether for outdoor activities or working outdoors, these innovative gloves offer numerous advantages and areas of application. For athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, heated gloves are indispensable. When skiing, snowboarding, hiking or camping, cold hands are not only unpleasant but can also impair performance. Heated gloves provide effective thermal insulation and allow athletes to concentrate fully on their activities. Our heated gloves are also invaluable for people who work outdoors. Craftsmen, construction workers, gardeners and other professionals are often exposed to adverse weather conditions. Our gloves not only protect against the cold, but also allow good dexterity and flexibility to get the job done efficiently.

Image of a woman on a mountain
Feel the extra kick of warmth no matter when and where

Josef Wittibschlager - The fascination of the mountains through the lens

Josef Wittibschlager, a landscape photographer and videographer with a great passion for the mountains, is always on the lookout for magical moments that he can capture in his pictures and videos. His curiosity and thirst for adventure brought him to Norway in spring together with our brand ambassador Maximlian Gierl. In a country where the weather conditions are as unpredictable as they are impressive, it was of existential importance to be well prepared mentally, physically and in terms of equipment. THE HEAT COMPANY's LINER, SHELL and POLAR HOOD heated gloves were an essential part of his kit, helping Josef stay warm and focused even in icy conditions. "These gloves are more than just equipment to me - they are an indispensable part of my photographic adventures", says Josef.

Close-up of Joseph closing the helmet with his gloves.
Always the right gloves with you, thanks to the wide range of possible combinations