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Heat Patches for Back and Neck – Ultimate Warmth and Comfort

Man and woman with air activated warmers at lower back and shoulders
With comfort and warmth through the winter

If you want to protect yourself from the cold and increase your well-being at the same time, warmers for your neck and body are a good choice. They provide a pleasant warming sensation that can help you reduce stress and feel well.

The heat pads are made of 100% natural ingredients such as activated charcoal, iron powder, common salt, water and vermiculite. Using our warmers is easy as the warmers automatically activate within minutes of opening the package and coming into contact with oxygen. They are ready for use at any time, as no charging or boiling is required.

Our warmers are particularly advantegous as they can be used by people who are prone to allergies. This is due to their unique application - the warmers are not worn directly on the skin, but on the bottom layer of clothing. Once the warmers have completely cooled down, you can dispose them in the residual waste.

Spot-on heat

Feel-Good Warmth for Every Moment: The Body Warmer

Our body warmers are an ideal solution to enjoy cozy warmth for up to 12 hours. Just open the package and stick them on the bottom layer of clothing and you can feel the pleasant warmth. They are especially ideal for the back, neck and shoulders.

Whether you're taking a walk outdoors, going on a city trip in the cold season or you are simply relaxing at home in front of the TV - our extra-thin body warmers provide warmth where needen so you can feel good all around.


• 12+ hours of soothing warmth

• Warms up by itself on the air

• Simply stick on the bottom layer of clothing

• Ideal for back, shoulder and neck

• Size: 9 x 13 cm

Woman sitting in armchair reading a book while wearing a body warmer on her back
Versatile - our body warmer

Neck Warmer: Warmth for Your Neck

The neck warmer will protect the sensitive neck area from the cold and you can experience a feeling of well-being at the same time. Like the body warmer, this handy warmer is simply stuck onto the bottom layer of clothing and you can enjoy a cozy warmth of around 40 degrees for up to 18 hours.

Whether you have a stressful day at work ahead of you or just want to relax, our neck warmer will accompany you with warmth and comfort when needed.


• 18+ hours of soothing warmth

• Warms up by itself on the air

• imply stick to the bottom layer of clothing

• Ideal for the neck

• Size: 10 x 13 cm

Woman wearing air activated neck warme
Relaxed through everyday life - with our neck warmer

If you want to warm not only the neck, but also the shoulders, you can simply use our shoulder warmer. This warmer has an extra large design so that the area of shoulders and neck are kept warm up to 8 hours.

Man wears air activated warmer for shoulders on upper back
Comfortably warm shoulders for up to 8 hours

Soothing Warmth for the Back In Any Situation

Our back warmer XL offers your body relaxation thanks to large-area yet spot-on warmth. With its size of 20 x 13 cm, the Back warmer XL covers a large area of the back and warms you for up to 18 hours.

Whether for outdoor activities, at work or if you are just looking for a pleasant source of warmth for your back. Our back warmer XL is your reliable companion.


• 18+ hours of soothing warmth

• Warms up by itself on the air

• Simply stick on the bottom layer of clothing

• Size: 20 x 13 cm

Man wears extra large warmer on lower back
Long-lasting warmth - thanks to our back warmer XL

Spot-on Warmth for Every Moment: the Versatile Heat Wrap for Lasting Comfort

The heat wraps allows you to enjoy spot-on warmth exactly where you need it most. Simply place it around your body in the desired place, fix it with the Velcro fastener and enjoy cozy warmth for up to 12 hours. Thanks to the stretch material and the practical Velcro closure, the heat wraps are suitable for all sizes from S to XL and can be stretched from about 80 cm to 170 cm.

Whether at home, in the office or during sports activities - the heat wraps is versatile and offers you comfort where you need it.


• 12+ hours warm all around

• Heats up by itself on the air

• 4 large heat cells provide for your well-being

• Stretch with velcro closure - for all sizes (S-XL)

Person wears heat wrap
Enjoy spot-on warmth with our heat wrap

Warm All Around - Warmers Tested By Professionals in Extreme Conditions:

Since 1994, we have been equipping expeditions, high-altitude tours and mountaineers around the world, who tell us time and again that our warmers work perfectly even under extreme conditions.

Athletes and coaches of the Austria Ski Team, Swiss Ski and Snowboard Germany also trust in the proven quality of our warmers. Our warmers for neck, back and body have proven to be particularly reliable companions.

Picture with logos of Swissski, Austria Ski Team and Snowboard Germany